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    A few of us joined local plant legend Nigel Brown for a trip around the Anglesey fens about a month ago. It was pelting it down with rain though, so I wasn't brave enough to get my camera out and just had my mobile phone to take a few photos. There were plenty of marsh orchids to be found, D. rotundifolia and P. vulgaris too, but it was the O. insectifera that stole the show! I went back to the site a few days later on a much brighter evening to take a few photos.
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    The best of British. I've been ringing around, and haven't found anywhere that's got any left. A few of the bigger places said they'd had some, but they were long since sold out.
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    Goldie went for £41 my £16 bid was no good :)
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    Well spotted. Clearly some purpurea in that plant