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    get our country back? sovereignty? what does that mean? Are we now really going to reopen the steel mills, coal pits, car plants, re nationalise rail, buses etc.... or has the decision just been made to move Nissan, Mini(BMW), Vauxhall(Opel), LandRover, Airbus to back within the EU Borders? Shared parental leave - bet that's gone // Working Time Directive - bet that's gone // Habitats Directive - bet that's gone the brexiteers won and not once, not once, was a case put forward for 'Should we win the plan is ......' now questions are being asked and there is not a single answer. Just the Milky Bar kid on Glue saying 'uh, am, erm, crickey, I have to go and play cricket' £350 million better spent on NHS . . erm didn't say that. Mr Farage was not the 'official' Out Member so is/was free to stir as much as he liked. People bought it. Immigration, immigration, immigration . .. . .seemed to be the only thing that this was ever really about. Turkey is a real non event here. It has been stated at all levels that as a country it meets none, absolutely none, of the criteria to be eligible to join. Never will. Yet that has been played as the second major card. It wont happen. There will not be millions of Turks lining up at heathrow looking to live here. European 'Red Tape' another main stay of this out campaign. Well, in truth this never existed. Red Tape is a burden on Business and blah blah etc..... This is not red tape my friends but greed. We have many red tapes (sorry regulations) imposed from (agreed at council) Europe that help make our seas cleaner, beaches free from turds, air clean to breathe, bogs, forests and rivers not concreted over (without a very very good reason and public enquiry) These rules will still be in place on the continent so withdrawing from this only removes us from the discussion. Not the implementation. Brexiteers insist that we will still have access to this market. Maybe, a negotiation is needed that will be hard to form consensus. The rules (red tape) will still apply so why is it so bad now but ok then? We wont have free movement of goods, so there is the response to the plants question. CITES etc will be required. If this was not to be an issue then a condition to free trade is.......... free movement. just gets more and more rediculous.... If that little ramble is seen as going off topic and keep it to the plants well, sorry. It is a little relevant to an old time politics and language student. If I was looking to start that course anytime soon it would be either 1) too expensive 2) not available. I did indeed enjoy the privilege of an ERASMUS grant that allowed me to go live and study in foreign land and I am much better for it. EU will not allow foreign (works both ways folks) material in without full and proper regulation, just as it does not i suppose. We are an island and have a natural barrier to invasive, non native species so will have to implement sever controls on this. I take it that the majority of carnivorous plants are non native... So, sell to continent = put up with red tape (that ironically isnt in place now as we are a member) buy from continent = no idea as the brexiteers have no plans/thoughts for this, but would imagine some fairly strict controls as we dont want them foreign plants coming over here eating all our lovely British Insects now do we
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    Hello everyone; a few pictures of some of this Summer's crop: N. burbidgeae N. flava N. platychila N. pitopangii N. inermis N. sibuyanensis - upper and lower N. macrophylla (basal growth) N. jamban and a group photo Wiser
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    I take it that you've not been following the news since the fateful result came in! The markets are in turmoil, the main political parties are in meltdown, there is clearly no coherent exit strategy, the UK is on the brink of breaking up, we are very likely to end up with an unelected prime minister (at least until such time as a general election takes place) and, furthermore, the result seems to have unleashed a spate of racist and/or xenophobic attacks on foreign EU nationals. Still, we have 'got Britain back' from the 'unelected officials'. The Brexit supporters must be so proud! Fortunately, the peculiarities of the UK's constitutional framework mean that, strictly speaking, the result is advisory only (a last-ditch safeguard against rank idiocy, perhaps). Thus, whilst, for political reasons, exit from the EU is overwhelmingly the most likely outcome, my view is that the remain camp should continue protesting until it is legally all over. This may at the very least convince our EU partners that there is a sufficient groundswell of sane and reasonable people to warrant dealing with us in a favourable manner (perhaps even Common Market membership). The attitude of giving up and walking away when everything is not as one wants is what got us into this fine mess in the first place. Incidentally, I have to question whether a process which involved a campaign dominated by fraudulent claims and insinuations intended to hoodwink the ignorant into voting to leave can really be called 'democratic'.
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    Hey guys, an update of my Seed grown 006 in a better picture quality. I hope you like it. Regards Tobias
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    Democracy is great, unless you're a bad loser.
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    I overwinter my sarracenia in an unheated gh. I use a generic shop light on a timer. if I had to guess maybe 8k lumens and the plants are around 3 ft from the light. I set the timer to mimic the natural day/night cycle. 8k lumens at the fixture is hardly enough to break dormancy. my way of thinking is to try to emulate what they go through naturally meaning they do still get some light. Only reason I use an unheated gh is because they are in pots and I have had the pots freeze solid leaving them outside and the plants didn't seem as vigorous the following spring. Especially the leuco's.
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    Realistic advice based on the opinion of experts, taken from all political parties and overseen by the foreign office, is the best advice we have. Unless your a legal expert in international trade and wish to donate your services Fred.
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    Very well done, thanks for sharing the pics. Can't wait to see the other flowers open. Maybe you could try freezing some pollen, I know you can do this with nep pollen so might be worth a try. Mark
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    Some more pictures: My Utricularia alpina and Utricularia praetermissa have flower stalks too. Can't wait!
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    Good idea! And thanks - hopefully it will work out like yours! I must add, my "office" is a room at home (as I mostly work from home) - and the humidity here in Wales is also high (probably similar to Cologne, maybe even higher at times). I may try Drosera adelae soon too. I do think Utricularia in general have the nicest flowers of all the CP genera. Those U.alpina remind me a bit of some Coelogyne orchids (e.g. C.cristata) from a distance with the while + yellow colour scheme. Anyway - I'll wait to see how successful my U.alpina is first before trying U.quelchii later.
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    I'm glad you like them. @Mujinamo: yup I grow them on my windowsill :) Here is a recent photo of the U.alpina with almost all buds opened:
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    some plants do benefit from being broke up and repotted,my Sussex co flava is one,all it did was divide and produce pitchers about 15 inches tall,Last year i split it all apart,one single crown is now about 28 inch tall. But my leuco Titan or cronus just did nothing no matter what i did and i had it for years and years, so i sold it! good riddance i say,i'm still sorting out good and bad growers up here in the cold grey north. If they grow well up here,they will grow well anywhere. ada