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    So I have finally had a flower stalk from my H. heterodoxa and got ready to collect the pollen when the second flower started to open. I did a bit of research on the net and ended up trying the 'brute force' method since I did not have a tuning fork at my disposal! I got out my equipment and managed to collect a fair amount of pollen from the first flower. I am quite pleased that I managed to get some and will attempt to pollinate the second flower once it opens. It however occurred to me, that should anyone walk in on me, I might get a few strange looks
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    I wonder how many people have contacted him to ask if they can have 1/40th for £7.50
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    Wow, massive plant at a massive price. You'd think for that money he'd throw in the battery as well
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    Coming from Switzerland, let me tell you all, my British friends, that I would not leave Europe if I were in... It is just hellish to send material abroad or bring some in when living in an ISLAND like Switzerland... green labels, petty lies, hiding a pot or two when crossing the border from Germany or France... Wish you to make the best possible choice for you guys... :-) OL
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    Beware www.carnivoria too I ordered 6 Pinguicula , 3 different Pinguicula species , they also happen to be also the only ones available which was thankful !!! Well I have never ever received plants so disgracefully packed , all with NO names !!! of any description was enclosed , and of such incredibly small too((( one specie with no name was a even smaller bag of leaves upon arrival, which have since perished , the other specie also no name one became a ball of mycelium in 24hrs on bone dry perlite /vermiculite !! The other poor subjects are strangely wanting to go into winter rosette instead of growing summer leaves , when I emailed to address this strangely could not understand English when spoke perfect English leading up to order , really that old chestnut , there are some good Pinguicula growers out there but this is not a person or business who cares about the well being of Pinguicula just as a source of cash , worse thing is you may only read about this after you have been ripped off as well , so better wait until you see what your want from another nursery not www carnivoria .eu