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    DSCF1073 by elvis g, on Flickr DSCF1072 by elvis g, on Flickr DSCF1088 by elvis g, on Flickr DSCF1086 by elvis g, on Flickr
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    Thanks for that, it's a good idea. However, one of my friends also got a B&Q clearance, and his included separate glazing instructions in the box. I've just scanned his and am going to print them out. Might finally be in business! Thanks again.
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    Beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!
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    Some Neps lost their growing points, but the main casualty was a tray of pots containing dormant Drosera tubers; upended all over the patio. Managed to find a couple of D. menziesii tubers, but with wind and rain lashing everything around I gave up searching pretty quickly, as you can imagine. Tubers look like grit at the best of times. The Sarracenia will survive, and with any luck so will a few more of the geckos!
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    Did your parents know where you were ? I was the ripe old age of 45 when i placed an advert on Freecycle asking for empty plant pots so i could liven my new flat up with some houseplants. Ian and Dianne Salter replied and told me they were changing over from round to square pots so they had hundreds available. When i went to pick up a few pots, i discovered several greenhouses bulging at the seams, and Ian gave me a guided tour which must have lasted 2 to 3 hours. I was gobsmacked. I expected to come away with about a dozen pots, but that figure was more like 200 (in a range of sizes), and two trays of free sarracenia, dionaea, and drosera. Ian also told me about the CPS and CPUK so they were googled when i returned home and that is how i am now here. It was CPUK that introduced me to photos of Nepenthes however, and i got hooked from that moment. Whilst Ian's plants were lining all my windowsills, Nepenthes started taking over my bathroom. 12 months later i moved home to live with my partner full time and luckily had the space for a 12x8 greenhouse which some of you may now be familiar with. Despite only expanding my Nepenthes collection the past 2 years, I still have the original plants that Ian kindly gave me, and they are now living in a (still work in progress) bog garden, a little reminder of how i got into carnivorous plants