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    The last of my orchids to flower this year Pleione "Praecox" this one is scented as well.
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    Hi Corky, I bought a packet of 3 seeds and had 2 germinate, so a 66% success rate.
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    Awesome ! Well done, Ron
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    My house must be freezing as my plants have flowered the last few years , guess that's the beauty of old single glazing
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    I finally managed to get some pictures of the flower. This is taken with my digital camera, but is a bit over exposed, This one's taken with my phone camera and although not as close up, looks better in my opinion, And another one from my phone, with my finger in there for scale, Hope you like them. Ian.
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    Here are a few more recent pictures. Flower starting to open The flower has opened fully today and I have taken some pictures. As soon as I transfer them from my camera, I'll post them on here. Best regards, Ian.