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    I'm quite impressed of its color in late fall. Will update this thread in the winter when I suspect this clone will have even darker color...
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    I start them off in the seed trays and then, once they are big enough, transfer them to individual pots. At this point you can start weeding out the promising from the less promising. Dave
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    I use half size seed trays. I bought four from my local nursery yesterday for 40 pence. Dave
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    They must get a little bit every time you open the door Tommyr? Heehee
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    YAYAY The ovary of my h.minor burgundy-black's flower get bigger; thats mean im successful. I made my dream cross; burgundy-black x minor var pilosa. Now i can die :-) The flower was tiny, so i expect only a few seeds, but its hard to tell im not experienced enough. Now the waiting game has begun ! :-)
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    In my experience, they like stability. Mine sulk for some time whenever I move them around.
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    In case anyone is interested, here is a two-week follow up. I swapped the plants around, following the discussion here, so I now have the following under the lights. Nepenthes Bloody Mary (x2) Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor Heliamphora minor 'Auyan Tepui' Drosera Aliciae Drosera Madagascariensis Drosera Nidiformis Drosera Spatulata Utricularia Longifolia (sitting next to the water tray, as there isn't room for it directly under the lights) In addition, I have two pots with some of the VFT leaves that I shredded from a B&Q rescue. Although they would normally be going out in the cold, I decided that as they had roots, and so were worth potting up, I'd trying keeping them inside this winter, as the shock of being sold in B&Q (pretty humiliating for a plants I reckon), then being bought by me (ditto), being pulled out of its compost, being ripped to shreds and then being repotted was quite enough for one small plant! As I'm hopelessly new at this, I can happily ignore the rules and write it all down to experience! Anyway, it looks like the experiment is working. Although the Drosera Aliciae looks like it's drying up, carni grower assured me that this is normal, and it does seem to be going red. Even better is the Drosera Spatulata, which retained its dew, and is going even more red... Both Nepenthes Bloody Mary have leaves that are turning red. I'm assuming that this is a good thing, although most of the pictures of these I've seen showed them with green leaves, not red. However, they look healthy, so I guess it's a good sign... Finally, having added my two ha'porth (old Yorkshire expression for "small amount") to the discussion about propagating plants by immersion, I decided that as my office is warmer than the kitchen (stays around 22-23 degs C during the day), I would move the immersed VFT leaves under the lights, as they kept getting moved around on top of the turtle tank. I came up with a fairly ingenious way of storing them... I've done this on both sides, so have about 16 test tubes under the lights. I will be interested to see what happens to them. Two of them (from before the B&Q shredding exercise) already have small plants growing, so I'm hoping the others will follow suit. Hope this is of interest to someone. It's been good fun, and a fairly cheap way of experimenting. I'd highly recommend it to anyone! Ta ra
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    My VFTs and Sarrs get no light and do great. Most spend the winter in my fridge.
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    For adults I'd say at least 8 inches. For seeds I use 5 ounce drinks cups.
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    Well, suffice it to say I have once again been bitten by the Nepenthes Bug, and quite severely, might I add. I went from this: To this:
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    If I remember correctly 2C. In the same conditions where some get dark to black color, other plants stay almost green year round. Although the lowest temps in some way encourage the color of the Cephalotus, not all Cephalotus are able to get dark color at low temps, if u ask this...
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    If it fizzes with vinegar it's no good. Everybody has their own soil mix, so feel free to experiment. A lot of the plants in the wild actually grow in very sandy soils, but more peat makes it easier to keep them hydrated in cultivation. I just use 60:40 peat / perlite
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    Hi Amery, I believe that the second pictured Finetooth X Red clone is the same as the clone now sold as Big Mouth, but I believe that is the true Finetooth X Red and that what we have now is not the true Big Mouth. My reasons are: I have been growing FTXR since 2002 and they are all like the 2nd picture. I have also crossed sawtooth (Finetooth) with Red clones and the results always look line the 2nd FTXR. Plus I have a Big Mouth clone I received from the U.S. in 2002 before Triffid Park started selling a clone under that name and it is different from the Triffid Park Big Mouth clone. What makes you think that the first picture is the true FTXR? Trev :-)