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    If you decide to proceed, dont forget the grubs if there are any, they are little sacks of yummy , easily digestable, liquid insect goo !
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    Hi I use Provado insecticide on my sarracenia to control a variety of pests with no ill effects. The wasps will have absorbed a minute amount of insecticide. If you are worried, I'd try feeding one plant and see what happens - I suspect all will be OK. cheers Dennis
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    Found this site, simply type in the name, hit the find button, you will be taken to a page with a short summary and also clickable buttons to other info including a UK outline map showing very roughly where it has been located..excellent site although some links appear, sadly, incomplete. http://www.brc.ac.uk/plantatlas/ Also if you visit http://www.bioimages.org.uk/ and type in the latin name in the sponsored search box you will be redirected to a link that gives you a list of Lattitude & Longitude locations where pictures of plants were taken, using Google Earth I have tried entering a couple of locations and although not exact, the location pins do appear to be close to what looks like wet or boggy areas, ponds or drainage cuts. I must add that some of these sightings can be as old as 45 years so they may no longer be present. The website history states that it originaly was built in 1992 (it looks it too!), it was last added to about a year ago. I expect to be bumping into many thermos carrying carni growing nerds trudging the back country lanes of the UK over the next few years (train spotters of the plant world unite !!!)
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    Just split off the VFTs today. Made 3 into about 20. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
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    Two weeks ago me and my family went hiking and exploring our beautiful mountains. Well, look what did I find. Little pings growing near waterfalls in tiny cracks in massive stones and moss. I would say this is Pinguicula Vulgaris but only because that´s the only temperate ping I can think of. Please, correct me if I´m wrong. I guess you can´t escape carnivorous plants even when going away to the other side of the country. And as this was my first sighting of a carnivorous plant in nature, I was so, so happy. I didn´t know they grew in such shady locations (the whole time we were there it was all bright shade, not a single ray of direct sunlight).