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  1. Dear all, I would like to share with you a pictorial of this ‘self-sufficient’ watering table I recently constructed. I was looking for a solution to avoid having to continuously water my (mainly) Sarraceniaceae collection and especially during holidays etc. I came up with a design for a setup which collects rainwater in a reservoir and automatically pumps it to the highest watering table above the reservoirs with a solar powered pump in a continuous cycle. This is the original design (sorry, this part is in Dutch): Because I grow my plants on the balcony (I live in
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  2. The first of my flowers for this year which is along way in front of all the rest. This is the first ever flower from this clone. This youngster was taken from the parent plant last year after I accidentally damaged the parent's new pitchers. The parent has never flowered, this year's bud being well behind this one
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