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    Some recent shots - enjoy :) DSC01010 by Martin Hingst, on Flickr DSC00997 by Martin Hingst, on Flickr DSC00994 by Martin Hingst, on Flickr IMG_1588 by Martin Hingst, on Flickr
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    only phone pics but this plants seems to love my windowsill
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    Macrantha Drosera stricticaulis wide shape Drosera stolonifera Drosera browniana en fleurs Drosera platipoda
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    Very nice, indeed! I know why this is one of my favorite species :-)
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    Hi, here are some shots of plants we found at Darling. Christian
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    Everyone should feel loved on V'Day, whether from your loved ones/family/friends/stranger/pets/plants. Drosera Prolifera wish you Happy Valentine's Day.