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  1. I have two mature flowering plants, male and female and they definitely seem to prefer highland conditions particularly with a cap to upper temps of around 25C it enjoys higher humidity combined with good air movement. Pitchers do become taller as they mature (younger rosettes produce squatter pitchers) Uppers are rare but if the vine is happy it will produce one or two each year. the potting mix must be free draining and open and the plant needs space to bury its tendrils for best pitcher production.
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  2. Hope you like them! Nepenthes ventricosa ´Red clone´ Nepenthes truncata Nepenthes fusca ''flared peristome'' Nepenthes clipeata x (N. clipeata x N. eymae) Nepenthes x Tiveyi Drosera nidiformis Nepenthes x Tiveyi Cephalotus follicularis
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  3. you will need cities dude! contact carnivora & they should help you
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  4. Hello, i have not shown true species for a longer time now, so here are a few Tepui Drosera. D. meristocaulis ´north west plateaus of Cerro Neblina, border Brazil/Venezuela´ opened it´s flower for the first time nearly completely, in most cases it does not open it´s flowers at all so selfing was always difficult and nearly not possible. after selfing D. hirticalyx ´Kukenan´ a group of plants D. roraimae ´Gran Sabana, SE Bolívar,Venezuela´ "red plants" (not really a Tepui plant, but....) four open flowers at the same time D. roraimae ´Cerro Adaua, Estado Bolivar, Ven
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