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    Hello everyone, I treated myself to a new greenhouse over the Summer; the old one was so crowded it was becoming unmanageable. Here are some pictures of outside and inside:
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    Hi TCurrell, I have some pics of N.Rajah and N.lowii from a Wistuba order last winter. N.Rajah Latest pitcher Big leaf jump These two are my N.lowii The one on the right is N.Lowii (gunung mulu) and the left is N.Lowii (gunung murud) Latest pitcher on N.lowii (gunung mulu)
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    I have no idea about the auto censoring but if I was to hazard a guess at the list of words you'd see this: **** ***** ******* *** ****
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    the usa? fair play, says a lot about your collection mike if people are willing to travel that far, also says a lot about the state of sarracenia cultivation in the usa at the moment, youd think being their country of origin would lend some substance to what they are doing. anyway on track l131 the most stunning leuco ever, and those Japanese imports are something else my wishlist despite vast efforts on my part to reduce just seems to exponentially increase. thanks again for the divisions and for letting me up Friday, we had a great day on my boys bday that Saturday so total win all round. catch ya soon mr king will post you that list of heirloom stock plus the hybrids and plants im getting from that old school collector. regards paul