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    Hello everyone! I obtained some interesting orchids during the last months, so I thought I'd start my topic to share some pictures. I grow most of them in my highland terrarium, and a few in my lowland terrarium. Here are my "orchids balconies" in the highland terrarium: As you might remember from my other post, I have a Masdevallia princeps. This one is flowering since early March!!! You can see the receptacle where the former flowers were attached. There are 2 floral hamps, producing flowers alternatively. I just love it! And here is the first real miniature flowering: Masdevallia herradurae.
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    Hello everybody, it's been a long since I posted in a forum, I guess facebook replaced totally the use of forums, especially Mexican ones, they are totally dead, but I'm glad to see there are still alive forums over there. Anyways, I hope you like this pictures I've taken all this year long. N. jamban N. ventricosa x aristolochioides N. lowii N. tentaculata N. spectabilis x aristolochioides N. inermis N. hamata x platychila N. lowii x ventricosa N. x Trusmadiensis N. glabrata N. burkei N. ventricosa N. x "Bloody Mary" N. sibuyanensis
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    Springtails I will say are a pain in the butt..lol you can't really use a pooter cause they seem to die, and getting them out 1 by 1 is next to impossible, usually I think you use a paintbrush or something like it to brush over the surface, this gets some in the bristles then kinda flick them into a frogs enclosure.. But this doesn't really suit for cp I don't think :-s I keep d.mels cause they are pretty much the smallest ff's you can get.. And they are easy to breed. The ones I have now I have kept going from last Xmas. They can be a little smelly at times.. But all you need to get them going is readybrek really, also a big plus is that they can't fly..lol Yeah the next update you should see a difference they seem to be at the point where they are beginning to look like their adult versions..not just some generic thing :-) And they will have less light indoors they are in a greenhouse atm.. I have bought some led herb bulbs for them indoors but these being my 1st plants am unsure if it will be enough, plus they will be heated from above Ect Ect.. But if they survive this winter I should be a lot calmer towards it next year..lol Matt
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    Hello everyone, sorry for my english :) I open this topic to share my experiments with LEDs. I made a long study of white LEDs, I discovered that their light is better than the common fluorescent lamps. I Improvements concern the emission spectrum and light intensity. For now, I made a 100-watt ceiling for large terrariums, is also developement 14 watt ceiling by a for small terrariums.. With the experience I have also created a spreadsheet for fluorescent lights and terrariums, is now in the process of setting up a spreadsheet for the LEDs. The following are my creations, the 100-watt ceiling led, this is a very powerful ceiling, suitable for one square meter terrariums. up view with components and electric wiring down view whith led lens ceiling on one meter test half meter test that is all ! Prompt
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    Here's a video I made showing all of my Sphagnum cultures...