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    Dave, this person is a US grower of high repute, over the last few years he has come up with some outstanding Dionaea, any VFT collector that refused to buy from him simply because of a tentative name of one plant would be a fool. Going back to the subject of plant names ,I have a very nice VFT called "Rabbit Teeth" ,however it eats flies not carrots ,and doesn't say "Hey, what's up Doc" nevertheless I don't go off on a rant about it.
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    Er... am I the only one not understanding why some people are so aggressive about this topic? Do you guys have a black plant in your pocket and you wanted that name for yourself? Come one! Have a laugh! (and a beer, cheers!)
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    Hi everybody. some of my very white leucophyllas. (not include my hurricane creek, but it is very white too) I'd like to label correctly , but i do not know the code number of Klein. click to enlarge Leucophylla "Alba" , very white tops, some green veins, no red, except in flower (Klein): Leucophylla "Alba", almost clear white tops with some thin red veins, red flower (Klein) : Leucophylla Alba (not klein):
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    i agree with almost all that,except "HANNAH MONTANA"
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    Seriously people!? Its my clone and I have quite a few clones with names just so I can keep up with them. I sent Matt the clone last year labeled as black traps because, in the fall, its so dark burgundy, especially on the inside of the traps, I coined it black traps. I'm a private grower and youve never seen any of my clones for sale or even posted to the internet, for the most part, because I grow them because I like them. I sent Matt a plant and gave him permission to do with it as he pleases because hes such a good guy so please stop getting on his Case over a plant he didnt even name and don't start with me because if I want to name the plant Hannah Montana, well...its mine!
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    I was wondering the same thing! Did I do or say something to upset someone? I think having a beer is a good idea. Going to get one right now, in fact
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    If that plant is black I suggest you get your eyes tested . It's red and nothing else .
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    A lot of the Drosera have disappeared or at least aren't flowering any more. Particularly in the drier areas. However, in the damper areas D. indica is in full bloom. In the very wet areas with standing water Byblis is in huge numbers but not a real lot flowering. Beside the water there's some Stylidiums, though not a lot. Utricularias are in huge numbers where it's still wet. U. chrysantha stays in the wet soil rather than in standing water. U. leptoplectra prefers the very swampy places with standing water. The U. gibba is in water, but I suspect it's an "escape" here. I seem to have brought some in with a water plant I'd bought a while back. There's only one small occurence on my place. It is native to the general area, but if it had have been natural on my place I'd expect there to be quite a lot of it around. Utricularia gibba Utricularia chrysantha Utricularia leptoplectra Byblis aquatica Drosera indica
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    i visited Steve T recently and amongst his "array" of "home-made" hybrids this one shone out to me snaps 1327 by elvis g, on Flickr snaps 1326 by elvis g, on Flickr Thanx Steve, i really do Love this plant but there goes my "New years resolution" of not aquiring any more Sarras
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    It was good to meet you Michael. If you are ever back down this way you will always be welcome
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    Hi, that was a lucky find - saw it on a list from someone who sold his collection... Cheers Marc
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    Welcome back. NZ is a wonderful place and the people are very friendly. Glad your plants didn't suffer too much damage while you were away.
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    I couldn't agree more Eric. Although seeing as the name is already taken by another clone on the CP Photo Finder I would recommend a modified name such as the EM Black Traps Matt came up with or anything else you fancy such as Green Envy or Banana Boat even, just not Hannah frickin Montana or Justin bloody Bieber! That is a nice pic Dimitar (in it's own right).
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    VFT Red Dragon http://www.flytrapcare.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=177272#p177272
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    anyone who has ordered a cheerleader is gonna be gutted
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    Hold on, "black" isn't a colour.
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    Photoshop could put an end to all of this
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    very nice, there are some seriously skilled and accomplished growers out there. tomatoes in a greenhouse is a novel sight on here! kudos due regards paul
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    I have a red form d capensis giffberg sa that's in flower, want several hundred seedlings for you to practice on? also slackii, nidiformis, spatulata, each of the capensis forms, rubrifolia all of the binatas aliciae etc etc all in flower I can do seedlings of them all for you mainly because im finding all drosera are just simples to grow and they flower like crazy and because I like to give plants away as its good for my soul. regards paul
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    open door for you my friend! pop over when ever you like. same goes for any carny in or near Bristol, pop over grab yourself some garden plants, laugh at my little but quickly growing cp collection, and marvel at just how chav infested knowle west is. regards paul
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    I swear I'm going to raise an all green one and call it Black Widow just for a vague swipe at irony.
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    I suspect that any plant that is named black, but is not actually black under normal illumination, is likely to come under question here. The same happened with Eden Black. I understand the desire for someone to express the dark colouration in the name, but calling it a colour that it is not is a little bemusing. Nice plant though
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    Spotty does not have normal teeth. It's teeth are also shorter. See photos I posted of my Spotty flytrap here: http://www.flytrapcare.com/phpBB3/spotty-a-variegated-flytrap-t23831.html#p205377
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    Thanks for pointing this out Trev. Since the plant is not one I selected nor named, I'll defer to Eric to let him choose the name. I'll let him know about this plant already circulating under that name. Perhaps he'll just add his initials to the name and make it "EM Black Traps". Thanks for your honest feedback. For me, this is the darkest, most anthocyanin laden plant I've ever grown, and I grow lots and lots of flytraps. Having always been particularly fond of red-leafed flytraps, I grow all of them I can acquire. And I've propagated thousands of red-leafed flytraps of at least 12 different varieties and have observed those plants for multiple seasons. I can safely say that this plant is the darkest (blackest) plant I've ever grown. The only plant that comes close to it is DC All Red. And remember, this is still late spring/early summer. Flytraps get much more colorful late in the summer and into the fall, so I expect this plant to be much darker later in the growing season. So although it's not a plant I personally selected nor named, I personally think it's a great plant and worthy of the name "Black Traps". And I plan to propagate it and offer it to the community of Dionaea enthusiasts. If someone doesn't like it or doesn't find it unique enough or thinks the name is inaccurate, they're not required to grow it :)
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    Sorry but in my opinion I dont think this is dark enough to be anything special. Ive had traps this dark on my red plants, and thats in the cloudy uk
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    i thought id start a new post rather than just adding to the existing post well a month or so down the line here are a few photos of how the plants are doing a few leaf cuttings just beginning to root taken with my phone so not amazing quality but you can see the leaves and a few pitchers just beginning to develop in the center even though the plant was split at the wrong time of year most of the divisions have survived. i think it goes to show that cephalotus can be a tougher plant than most think
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