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  1. I'm not very good with plants and the ones I've ever taken care of are ones pushed onto me unwillingy by other people. As you can imagine, someone who is forced to take care of something is not going to enjoy it and has a higher probably of failing than someone who is highly motivated to suceed. This is the first time I've ever wanted to take care of a plant AND suceed. I've always been fascinated with carnivorous plants and I've always hated bugs. I like things that serve both function and decor. A plant that is beautiful AND kills bugs/can dispose of the bugs I kill? Can 1+1 = 2 any better? I'm a caregiver and my grandmother doesn't speak English (sometimes pretends not to speak English to get away with doing things she shouldn't). One such thing is closing the screen door during the summer when she likes to sit outside on the porch thus letting in my most hated enemies (aside from sleep deprivation and boredom)...bugs! At least this time I'll have a pretty sidekick who could benefit from me killing all those pesky things if the little guy doesn't kill them him/herself! Haha! So, during the last week of January I finally did it! I bought my first carnivorous plant - a Pinguicula (P. Laueana CP3 - the one with the disposition to have pink leaves). So pretty and just the right size for a room that has no room (because my grandmother and godmother are hoarders). My first mishap started within minutes of receiving the little one. When I removed the moss surrounding it I did not expected for it to FALL out of the pot in a tiny clump! It was a heart-in-mouth moment for me! Fortunately the fall wasn't a big one but I was afraid the fall had upset the roots. I was so freaked out that I called the nursery I ordered it from and the poor guy on the phone calmed me down saying that it was bare-root and that plants are tougher than we think. I hope he's right because so far I've been fussing and worrying about my little guy but more on that later. xD
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