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    Welcome to this wonderful forum !
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    oh the fun I have had with flies, my favorourite trick, catch a fly put it in a bag in the freezer until stunned, remove from freezer tie thin cotton around fly and wait for it to wake up, then take your leashed fly for a walk! a common sight in my garden is me chasing clouds of gnats with drosera in each hand, plain white maggots for sarracenia, pinkies and squats are good for small plants, my d capensis love fish food flakes.
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    Banksia ericifolia flower bud....
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    Hello friends CPUK, I come to share with you a picture of my little tuberous Drosera: D. peltata I sowed 30 seeds, but germinated only this and how it's been 3 months and nothing springs there, i believe that this is the only kind I'll have this CP. Because of this tract it very carefully, as I fear losing it. In the middle of the spring will remove the small plate to keep the bottom water of the pot, so that the substrate gradually go drying to prepare this Drosera for dormancy in summer If all goes well I intend to keep this plant in my cultivation for many years. Best regards, Rodrigo
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    S. alata var. rubrithulata? It's a great plant but I think you mean var. rubrioperculata.
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    Ah, thanks for that. Nice looking plant. So they should be fine under my CFL in that case. Not sure what you mean by legally available, didn't realize there were illegal ones. Regards, Ian.
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    John, thank you for your advice . I hope that this other seeds of Drosera germinate in the future so i can appreciate their development . Here is a quick update from my D. peltata: Track your growth it is being an amazing experience, every week is a new trap that way. As you can see this PC is rapidly developing and has also captured prey equal to this row to show in detail in the second picture . Best regards, Rodrigo