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    I was on a survey the other night and came across a lot of orchids in trees. Although I'd been around this area before, I'd never looked in this spot. It was night so I only took photos of plants lower down on the trees. The ones higher up wouldn't have come out. But they were draped up and down the trunks of the trees and along branches. Dendrobium affine
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    Hi all... Here are some pictures with the beautiful weather.... Sarracenia flava var. cuprea SFO10 S. flava var. ornata -- solid red throat with diffused veins around neck Apalachicola nat. Forest; Liberty Co. Florida (MK F88) SFA12 S. flava var. atropurpurea -- Marston Exotics, 1999, (F174 MK) SFRB23 S. flava var. rubricorpora -- Liberty Co, Fla (Very Dark)(F30) SFO20 S. flava var. ornata -- eastern apalachicola P.wilson SFO19 S. flava var. ornata -- with dipping lid,Cooks Carnivorous Plants(F87,MK SFO08 S. flava var. ornata -- giant tube,fine vein SFC09 S. flava var. cuprea -- N.Carolina,W,A Fawcett,(F6,JA)(F90,MK) SFA01 S. flava var. atropurpurea -- red tube Sarracenia x Moorei SX104 S.'Alucard' (Phil Faulisi hybrid) SX65a S. (S.alata x S.leucophylla -- Red & Gold) x S.x moorei -- 'Leah Wilkerson' SX55 S.x harperi x S.flava var rubricorpora -- 'Burgundy' SX153 S. x hybride -- Green tube, red splatch Throat, strange peristorme SX01 S. flava var. rubricorpora x S.alata -- Red Tube Népenthes villosa Népenthes lady pauline Népenthes talangensis x glandulifera Népenthes veitchii bareo Népenthes glabrata Népenthes bokorensis Népenthes veitchii x (lowii x spectabilis) Népenthes robcantleyi
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    Aah, I did try and help you out by reducing the burden a little. ;)
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    Only trouble is they can do this to your Wisteria (although its usually roses, that's ok I don't like them)! Solitary bee damage to Wisteria. by gardenofeden67, on Flickr
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    One thing that may help is to fill the water butts with tap water, allow it to stand at least overnight (gets rid of the excess chlorine), and to hang a bag (stocking or pantihose is ideal) of peat in the butt overnight - this will help to absorb some of the hardness and an acidify the water somewhat - when done use the peat on the garden. chris
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    I did over 100 auctions as people that visited often bought more. Some people mailed to say they couldn't bid because eBay wouldn't let them, yet others with older accounts could. My eBay account is 15 years old and billed from USA. That's why it's all a but silly. If I block/cancel one bidder another comes along. Cannot win :) same here. I say Brooks hybrid for collection. All I get is PMs asking for price to ship to France ;) it's a 1m pitcher not likely :)
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    I did all my eBay auctions saying I will only post and quote UK shopping. Yet people from all over Europe with USA accounts could bid in my plants. So I have reluctantly shipped to France, Spain and Italy. I have spent about £300 on Royal Mail in the last week. I hope I am not blamed for list plants when people have been paying £0.99 for a plant shipped to Europe.