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  1. Hmm,I suddenly find my camera do not work! I could only take these fotoes with nokia... 1. plantlets deflasked and washed 2. In the acclimation container(there are only a few,because most of them growed new leaves and have been transplanted ), transplanted plantlets: Hope these helps!
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  2. Hi Nigel I can't 'like' your thread as it comes across to me personally, how many times I read it, as extreme as the 'liberal Notting Hill Chablis luuvies/peat facsists' you choose to describe. I guess you are just having a rant. It probably doesn't help to see this either at a time when actively supporting a project to rectify a raised bog site in Ireland that has suffered considerable damage in the past from drainage and turf cutting. Your comments in your sentence "However, we are conserving these plants by growing them-look at the number of sites being lost every year, including a couple
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