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    After enjoying the Nepenthes tour (see Alistair's topic, I will post some of my photo's later), it was time for something completely different. I went to India with the main focus on watching wildlife. With succes, since I did enjoy the thrill of seeing a tiger, a leopard, wild dogs and much more!! But of course I kept my eyes open for any CP's. In Bharatpur I found two different aquatic Utric's: U. aurea: a very widespread species, occuring from India to Japan and Australia The second Utric, is apparantly not U. inflexa but a white flowered form of U. stellaris. This form has an unusual high number of flowers (up to at least 24, while 15 is the maximum according to the description of the species). It was not really widespread in the park, but locally it was abundant, growing somewhat more exposed area compared to U, aurea. I hope you enjoyed!
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    Hallo Benedict, auch von mir ein herzliches Willkommen nach Bayern aus Baden Württemberg, viel Spaß hier im Forum! Gruß Micha
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    Oh, and I'm set to receive a free cutting of Cephalotus "Hummers Giant" too. Make that a saving of $1375...
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    Hmmm, that mystery Dionea looks like a nice typical... I received a typical for.... uh. Free! Only $180 dollars cheaper. I also received some Sphagnum moss, for free. So far I've only saved $210. Someone on the forums here has a Typical Cephalotus with pitchers bigger than those on the "Vigorous" Cephalotus for sale there. And i too know the method for that. My typical cost me £25 (Around $35) So that's a further $465 saving.... Altogether I have saved $675.... Hmm, well. good luck with sales.