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    Posted also at: http://icps.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=education&action=display&thread=5319&page=1 In Japan, trade of poached plants are still prolific. Online vendors sell costly wild plants, and internet auctions still host sales of wild plants. What is more, many of them are clearly labeled as having originated from the wild. While the lack of clear vocalism amongst the plant enthusiasts in Japan is certainly to be blamed (in fact many of the more elderly plant enthusiasts still endorse trade of poached plants ), ultimately the lack of public awareness of the negative effects of trade of poached plants must be targeted. This is why I decided to start a project to bring public attention to this problem. Luckly, my school has a school festival every September, in which around 10000 people come to visit. This will be a great chance to educate the public more on immoral plant trade. In my plans, the presentation will consist mainly of visual information (posters, pictures, videos, etc). Visual support will be much needed to prove my point. However, as a full-time student, I cannot dedicate so much time to actually going into plant habitats trying to hope that I will witness signs of plant poaching, so that I may be able to photograph it. Therefore, I will need your help in accumulating suitable photos, videos, etc., of evidence of poaching in plant habitats. This does not have to be limited to CPs --please contact plant enthusiasts from other fields if they may be able to help. Again, I will be using these evidence for a presentation at a school festival, so please grant me permission to use the material for such uses if copyright issues are present. I suspect that I will need some visual evidence to impress quite a lot of teachers to ensure I can book a good classroom. Thank you beforehand for your cooperation. Should any of this be rude in connotation, please do not mind (I am not a native English speaker)
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    ormus this info may be of some help. Carnivorous Plant Society. open Days and Events Diary 2012. Kew Gardens Visit - Saturday 14th July - 10am FREE access, 1pm restricted area - Surrey.
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    The 7th plant of my crossings is a cross between a F.rubricorpora x F.cuprea The 8th is Kimber Red Ruffles...can't remember if it is a proper CV or not... however F.atroporpurea (IMO probably introgressed with leuco, since the wavy lid) Regarding F70 Manky, I did not post any pic of it: just received a piece from MK this year...it should take a pair of years yet so we can see its colours... Thank you guys! :)
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