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    Sorry hard to believe... Are you willing to help or to sell? What's your VAT number please?
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    Thank you to all decent and normal people with nice moments in this forum. Recently, this forum is for certain privileged persons and not all. Unfortunately, knowledge on this board mean more than honesty.
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    Hi iam working hard with book about cp for polish cp grovers iam always willing to help if someone asks me for advice.I have many photos of interesting observations about the plants but can not publish them before the book. Selling plants i collect money to print my book , buy picture, etc. Unfortunately, as always when you do not know what it is probably we talk about money. I can donate money for the forum no problem. For ex:
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    In Poland there is no such book. Ask Chien Lee, Christian Dietz, Guillaume etc.from them i have a lot of beatiful pictures to my book for which I am very grateful to them. Marc80 without comment did you writte something long about cp ? i dont think so.