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    Hi folks, the new season starts very well in my new greenhouse!!! Look my photoalbum on flickr for more shot S. Flava – Ornata, Heavy veined (F38 PWilson) S. Flava – Ornata, Heavy veined (F38 PWilson) Flava - rubricorpora Red tube, Apalachicola National forest park. (F19Mking) SXM27 S. x Moorei – `Leah Wilkerson’ Walton Co, FL.,W, (H112,Mking) S. Flava "Goldie" SXM07 S. x Moorei - All red (H61 Mking) S. Flava - atropurpurea All red Blackwater State Forest; Florida (MKing, F27A) S. Flava - rugelii, Giant robust clone (F18 MKing) S. Flava, Prince George Co. Virginia. (PJP FFL04) S. Leucophylla - White Top Green/veined (L20 AC) S. Leucophylla "Ghost" S. x Moorei - Florida, W, (H34 MKing) S. Leucophylla - Titan, seedling Thanks Max
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    Many thanks to all of you. @Miloslav, good luck with your seedlings, D. tomentosa var. glabrata is really a fast and easy grower so you should not have any problems. @Iggy, yes, of course i´ve pollinated the flowers, but only half of them to see if they will self pollinate without any pollination be hand. @Aymeric, the program is still going on. The next one is going to be semi adult so i can show again some pictures. @Adilson, i know you have been waiting for these pictures. Intersting to hear that they are very similar in appearance to the "hairy ascendens" that have been found in the wild. But could it be that the hybrid i´ve created occurs also in nature, are these two species growing somewhere next to each other? @Carlos, it´s not very diffilcult to create crossings with D. graomogolensis because of the aspect that D. graomogolensis is normally not selfing by it´s own. But not all crossings are successful, crossings with D. camporupestris or D. graminifolia have not worked till now. Till now i´ve not been able to collect any seed, soon i´ll report if there is produced any seed or not. Best regards, Dani