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    P.mariae P.vulgaris subsp anzalonei
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    Hi everybody ampullaria 'Lady Pauline' fusca platychila inermis see you soon
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    Did plant sales for 6 weeks; it should have made a couple of hundred pounds for charity. On a couple of days, most stuff was sold before I had even finished labelling things up (tomatoes and bedding plants especially). Other people in the area also gave spare houseplants, perennial divisions and spare bedding plants and it went very well. I made up and sold a dozen each VFTs and capensis, as well as a few tiny pots of D. spatulata (all with a care sheet). So hopefully sharing the CP love too.
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    A few Sarracenia's that are catching my eye at the moment.
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    I just want to show a flava rugelii clone which has some lightly fenestration or is green veining ? This clone is pretty large. only 2 clones of this seed bud shows this coloration, the others a normal rugelii s without special markings
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    Finally finished the greenhouse ... Now for the plants!
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    It looks beautiful to me
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    Thanks Damien. I think I'm going to turn all my pygmies into 'biotopes' now. One success this year is my D. Slackii sending up a flower spike. This is the first I've managed and I have had it for 5 years! So apparently the trick is to leave it in the greenhouse over winter.
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    Love it, very unusual! Has the Alien mucus around the peristome :) I had on one of my Neps last month a weird undeveloped pitcher - was on a N.Maxima Wavy Leaf, thought it was pretty interesting, just has the lid. Other pitchers are normal, so most likely a change (Bad one) in my terrarium, will have to keep an eye on the next pitcher :)
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    Hi!! Well done!! In my experience nepenthes x ventrata is a very strong hybrid... I’ve grown one that was half died in my girlfriend hands... I keep it and it liked very much always 2/3 mm of water in the tray... when I changed home I had to give it to a friend because it was too big... now, after 3 years it is still alive and healty, and my friend hasn’t never grown other carnivorous plants... so don’t be afraid: you’ll be successful in growing it!;-)
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    Hi at all, just to like: Cheers Natale
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    My attempt at a botanic biotope. Using Allen Lowrie's Magnus opus I have tried to make a few of my pygmy drosera pots look like the habitat the plants come from. With a lack of laterite I used pink/ orange granite chips and cones to represent small Banksii seed pods. D. gibsonii D. nitidula D. stelliflora
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    Thanks. Here is my lovely D. modesta. Still waiting for my U. aureomaculata to open. So close now.
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    whoops didn't mean to post already. Anyway has you can see it's just your bog standard garden pond filled with 6" of gravel, 12" of 50/50 peat and sand then 6" of peat.I dug the pond in the ground and packed around the sides with sand with log round to hold it all in. IMG_0120 by keith Smith, on Flickr IMG_0144 by keith Smith, on Flickr CAM00025 by keith Smith, on Flickr I have quite a few photo's and don't want to bombard you all with them and it's hard to choose the best one's so i can post a link to my facebook album if that's better
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    You could connect a pipe to the outflow/ drain hole (plug hole) and across the bottom and up the side (back) to the level you want in the sink.