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    These 6-7 years old, seed grown plants forming nice clumps and are free flowering from March till the start of the summer.
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    Pinguicula leptoceras This was selected from import seeds. Strong in the heat. It is easy to cultivate.
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    It's doing fine so I'd leave it in the pot it's in and not divide it yet. Although they prefer to be repotted every two to three years for fresh soil so if you can it would benefit from it but it's not crucial this year I think. Also, try to put it in the sun. They like as much sun as they can get. You can't go OTT with it. If you're repotting it and moving it's location to full sun then I would nip out the flower stalks this year.
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    Sown in summer of 2012 and flowering for the 4th or 5th time now.
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    I grow it too at home in France and it is the first all all my temperate Pinguicula to break winter rest. Mine is supposed to come from this location : Sugi river in the Hayade valley area in Muramatsu-mach Niigata-Pref., Japan http://www.omnisterra.com/botany/cp/pictures/pinguicu/0050.htm Unfortunately, I never get seeds by selfed pollination and grow only one clone
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    This is another nice one in my Collection.
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    You and I share the same likes for that. Apart from my location plants, most of my ceph collection has been reduced to those with unusual pitcher shapes or sizes.
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    Pinguicula chuquisacensis is growing in the Bolivian Andes at 2200-2500 m.
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    Hi guys heres my little venus fly trap, Had it for around 2 years now and repotted it once and it seems to turned into 2 plants now would this be cuz I let the flower grow once? I wanted to ask is it getting to big now for this pot and should I repot it yet? Being in Devon UK in the winter I tend to put it under lights to give it 10 hours of light though not sure if thats to much light. the lights getting longer now so thinking of putting it in a sunny window sill like i did last year as you see the plant colours better then under light. if you think I should repot it into a bigger pot whats the best soil to use i bought some VFT soil from ebay last time and seems to be ok with it. should I let it flower again once to see if it gets bigger again? sorry alot of questions but I do love my VFT and want to look after it best I can and sorry cant seem to get the photos in the correct order
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    Here I would describe my experience with p. gigantea. I’m not a great carnivorous plants grower, I’ve not a greenhouse or a terrarium, I only grow my plants for fan in poor conditions on my windowswill. This discussion is for stimulate people to grow this plant from seeds and carnivorous plants growers with more experience than me to write their considerations about this wonderful plant. I think that p. gigantea, a very popular carnivorous plant in cultivation, is not very known because there are always the same clones in culture, obtained from asexual reproduction. This plant is quite slow growing, so a very little growers grow it from seed. I bought my first plant from Triffid nurseries UK in March 2015. It was a great purple flower clone that You can see in photos 8 and 9. At that time I lived in the Southern part of Italy, so You can see the Etna’s volcanic dust on the pot and on the plant. I think this powder were very useful for my p. Gigantea growth. The next spring my plant flowers 3 times an I was able to self pollinate it 3 times. I had only this Mexican Pinguicula in flower, so there can’t be any hibrydization. The first times I‘ve sown all my seeds in peat and sand substrate and in pure river sand, but no one seed germinate. The third time, as I thought my seeds were steril, I ‘ve put them in a glass of pure distilled water, and they started to germinate in 4/5 days. As they germinated, I put them in peat, sand or volcanic lava with a spoon. You can see them in pictures 6 and 7, and a little bigger in picture 5, 3 and 4. About the mother plant I must say that it divided himself when it flowered. The plantlets (one for every flower stalk) grew from the point where the flower stalk had boarn.. but they boarn when the flowers were old, so never from the center of the plant. About seedlings, I must say that all had carnivorous glands on both side of the leaves... some of them, when they were very little, seems to have carnivorous glands only on the upper face of leaves, but when they grew a little, they have them on both side (I write it because I’ve red that a grower had some seedlings with no gland on the lower plant of leaves). In spring 2017 I bought from Heldros a beautiful p. gigantea alba (photo of today in picture 10. It is just waking up from dormancy) In summer 2017 I moved to north Italy and, very sadly, I’ve lost the mother plant (violet flower) and about 15 seedlings due to the trip and a storm that hit my plants. So I only saved p. Gigantea alba and two seedlings. The first one has long and narrow leaves. This winter I gave it to a friend. It was about 20 cm large. This January it made his first flower and my friend has shown me the photo. The flower was purple, very similar to his mother plant flore. When my friend will send me the photos, I’ll post them here. The second seedling is more compact, smaller, with “round” leaves in summer..the strange thing is that this plant has now divided without bloom yet (pictures 1 and 2). Now I see a very little white point that might be a forming flower. About my clone of pinguicula gigantea alba I can say that it has made 4 flowers (one will bloom in next weeks) from this January (2019). It has never divided yet. I subspect it is a sterile clone, because I never was able to pollinate it. It seems to me to have a very little pollen, so maybe I’ll try to pollinate it with my other Gigantea pollen when it will bloom. p.s.: I grow my p. Gigantea in a west facing windows when they never recive direct sunlight. temperatures: min 1 degree, max 30 degrees. I feed them with a lot of bugs and a little 20:20:20 fertilizer very diluited. Considerations: 1) in my growing conditions p. Gigantea grows form seeds to bloom size in 4-5 years 2) Pinguicula giganteas flowers only when it grows more than 15/17 cm in diameter 3) unless You can read a different experience, all my seedgrown plants have glands on both sides of leaves 4) probably there are also sterile clones in commerce 5) not all the clones have the same way to divide themselves 6) there is a lot of variability in seedgrown plants. Please, write here Your experiences and post here Your photos!
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    see here http://pinguicula.free.fr/2019.png http://pinguicula.free.fr/2019-1.png
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    Pinguicula macroceras Hayade River 400m, Gosen, Nigata, Japan Japanese name:ムシトリスミレ, 虫取り菫 Typically, Pinguicula of Japan is glowing at higher elevations.But this population is resistant to heat and easy to cultivate because it habitat is lowland. Can I use correct English? I'll absolutely wrong.....( ・᷄ ︵・᷅ )
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    I started these around 3-4 weeks ago from a leaf i cut from my broad leaf capensis, just to see if i could manage to grow them. I didnt take any pics after just taking the cuttings as i wasnt sure they would take. And after around a week they've grown to this. But what it doesn't show is there appears to be a new plant growing from one of the stems in there as well.
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    20th /21st April 10am first weekend
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    Hi Matthew has a huge range/number of plants available. He will not run out. Dennis
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    Beautiful plant!!! In my opinion shape is the more interesting characteristic
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    The same i did too a short time ago. In all cases i gave away my motherplants of Things like Queen Mary, TAB, Kingsley and so on for free to Friends. They just look typical and without shape nobody could say the Special characteristics.
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    Yes me too. Its something Special. I like more the ones with an interesting pitcherform or size than the colourful ones.
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    Biloba "Moolooaba" is flowering!
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    Whilst I would agree with the sentiment, it doesn't help if you don't mention anything about what happened to make you feel that way. No one can learn anything if you only say "don't order from them", and it makes others with bad experiences look bad.
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    The universe is growing everyday and it will continue to grow so that means more planets like earth. there could be millions of earths already out there and maybe different plants that grow to climate change and some could symbolize other things in their language like how roses are love in our earth maybe there is a carnivorous plant that could symbolize something to them also not only that even a plant would be considered a alien and can they grow on our earth/
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    I am Growing sarracenia almost 7 years now without any serious problem but from Autom of 2016 a nightmare begins...Some of my sarracenia infected with botrytis(propably somehow from our vineyards ).Fist I let the pots almost dry and I increase the air movement after I was start to searching for a good chemical fungicide I begin with NEOTOPSIN 70 WG but very soon I saw some good results in infected plants but not in spores wich they can widely spread with the weaker movement of air.... so more plants infected! I made a research and I find that maybe trichoderma helps I made one applies per week for 3 weeks no results.. (careful with trichoderma grains becouse it contain very hight ammout of salts and increase the ppm of water...). I finaly find some ecological treatment from Bayer Serenade Max WP botrytis special design to stop botrytis spores and reduce the infection .After 2 months and 4 applies the new plants infections stoped and some of infeced overcome!!!I must say that after the spraying Bayer Serenade Max WP a thin withe layer cover the plant and prevent the spores to propagate and spread! Finaly I aslo tested on Drosera filiformis with excellent results! I hope to be helpful those results! Best regards, Pantelis
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    I used to have one, the flowers are fairly ordinary but they're mainly grown for their leaves. They like it quite wet. Mine met an untimely end when feral pigs got into my garden, they were one of the many casualties.
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    Hi I have been contacted by the secretary of a garden club in the Bristol area. The are looking for someone to give them a talk next year on CPs. Please PM me if you can help or can suggest someone else who could do it. cheers Dennis