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    P.mariae P.vulgaris subsp anzalonei
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    Hi everybody ampullaria 'Lady Pauline' fusca platychila inermis see you soon
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    The bags do say suitable for aquarium so it should be good for CPs. Make sure it is silica sand and I should certainly wash it and finish with a rainwater wash before using to be safe. If you have a TDS meter then suggest checking after you have done your final wash. Total Dissolved Solids should be between 10 and 20 ppm after giving it a good wash. TDS meters can be bought cheaply on Amazon if you do not have one (£10 - £15). Rob
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    Drosera binata comes in many forms, both red and green, so it's entirely possible it's a binata. Not sure about the others without checking as I'm no expert but it could be D. spatulata. Looks like you have some Utricularia in that pot as well.
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    Much of the bench space is taken up with seedlings. I'm thinking of moving them to the old greenhouse that came with the house which will free up alot of space. I can also put more benches/trays down the centre, so there's scope for many more plants. I'm hoping I won't fill it for a few years, but you never know
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    I was down at Matthew's nursery the other week. He's got some fantastic plants. I hope you enjoy yours. Needless to say, I bought more than I should have (if there's such a thing).
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    And now the plants (which is what it's all about, after all).
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    Did plant sales for 6 weeks; it should have made a couple of hundred pounds for charity. On a couple of days, most stuff was sold before I had even finished labelling things up (tomatoes and bedding plants especially). Other people in the area also gave spare houseplants, perennial divisions and spare bedding plants and it went very well. I made up and sold a dozen each VFTs and capensis, as well as a few tiny pots of D. spatulata (all with a care sheet). So hopefully sharing the CP love too.
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    Yep you’re hooked. Best of luck and enjoy the pleasure these plants bring. cheers Steve
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    Hi Weedabix I've never heard of seagulls taking a fancy to Sarracenia and there are a fair few growers close to the coastal regions in this forum - so a qualified no to that one. No plant likes abrupt changes in environment, especially on a daily basis, if you have Sarracenias put them outside and if they are braced against the wind (including sticks and ties to the pitchers if necessary), stood in water and in full sun, they should acclimate to the conditions unless the area is exceptionally exposed. Fungus gnats are not normally a big problem and can be controlled. Cheers Steve
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    Adult sarracenias dont do very well in the winter in heated appartement. They Will need to experience winter dormancy.
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    A few Sarracenia's that are catching my eye at the moment.
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    I just want to show a flava rugelii clone which has some lightly fenestration or is green veining ? This clone is pretty large. only 2 clones of this seed bud shows this coloration, the others a normal rugelii s without special markings
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    Finally finished the greenhouse ... Now for the plants!
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    It looks beautiful to me
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    Thanks Damien. I think I'm going to turn all my pygmies into 'biotopes' now. One success this year is my D. Slackii sending up a flower spike. This is the first I've managed and I have had it for 5 years! So apparently the trick is to leave it in the greenhouse over winter.
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    Love it, very unusual! Has the Alien mucus around the peristome :) I had on one of my Neps last month a weird undeveloped pitcher - was on a N.Maxima Wavy Leaf, thought it was pretty interesting, just has the lid. Other pitchers are normal, so most likely a change (Bad one) in my terrarium, will have to keep an eye on the next pitcher :)
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    My attempt at a botanic biotope. Using Allen Lowrie's Magnus opus I have tried to make a few of my pygmy drosera pots look like the habitat the plants come from. With a lack of laterite I used pink/ orange granite chips and cones to represent small Banksii seed pods. D. gibsonii D. nitidula D. stelliflora
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    Thanks. Here is my lovely D. modesta. Still waiting for my U. aureomaculata to open. So close now.
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    You could connect a pipe to the outflow/ drain hole (plug hole) and across the bottom and up the side (back) to the level you want in the sink.
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    Here's two forum threads on the subject: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=27604 http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20603