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  2. Propag8

    Hi everyone

    I've already sourced purple ambush using this site and it's on it's way. Awesome.
  3. Hi For obvious reasons I had to cancel my usual June open day here in Paignton. Together with the cancellation of my usual half a dozen garden club talks and the cancellation of this years RHS shows I am feeling very deprived of the opportunity to talk CPs and meet other CP enthusiasts. So what I thought I’d do is to have an open garden for the next three months so if you would like to drop in during this period you would be very welcome. I have 3 greenhouses, cold frames and mini bogs all stuffed with CPs. I have lots of plants available for sale at bargain prices or for swap. You will have to maintain social distancing so I will have to limit numbers on each day. Please contact by PM or email to [email protected] if you would like to come. Dennis
  4. Hi propag8 and welcome to the forums. I'm sure that there will be members here who can assist with your quest. Cheers Steve
  5. Hello, my female lowii x ventricosa is flowering soon. When you have a flowering male or stored pollen -please PM me with photos of your plant. The resulting seeds are split 50/50. My favourite mate for my plant would be a N. campanulata or something with teeth (hamata, edwardsiana, villosa or macrophylla) The flowering plant is hanging at my window and does not has any pitchers on it, but i own this clone multiple times (with pitchers) . Next are some photos of the flower and some upper and lower pitchers. N. lowii x ventricosa female flower N. lowii x ventricosa lower pitcher N. lowii x ventricosa upper pitcher greetings, Jeremiah H.
  6. Last week
  7. Yes, you can cut everything brown
  8. If all of my leaves are dead, should I cut them all off?
  9. One way you could reuse your CP mix could be if you were growing epiphytic cacti or succulents I suppose
  10. Open up a pitcher filled with insects and you'll find it's very wet in there.
  11. I always save my old cacti and succulent mix when repotting. In the past, when I have a bag full, I've then sieved it to separate the grit etc which I then reused. The fine stuff was either spread on the garden or donated to the chickens to use as a dust-bath. This year, due to the lockdown, I simply added more loam based compost to the bag of stuff that came out of the old pots, mixed and reused. I wouldn't consider my old CP mix to be much use for any of my succulents as it would be too water retentive. My non-organic Ping mix should be OK unless it had added lime. I don't generally add fertiliser directly to my cacti & succulent mix pre-potting but, instead, fertilise when watering (at the appropriate intervals)
  12. I have just started some seeds. Fingers crossed
  13. I have been wondering if I can reuse soil for my succulents. Seems to be that as long as I add some cacti and succulent fertiliser to it, should be ok to re use. Also seems to me that I could use my old carnivorous plant mix for succulents if I add fertiliser. Can anyone tell me if I'm correct?
  14. Hi all, is there a confirmation about this quoted post? I don't think that it's always true. Actually I've a drosera pulchella with two floral stems: one has a flower with four stigma and the second one with three stigma.
  15. No apology needed, we're all just trying to help the OP with his plant problem
  16. My mistake - sorry! I've used it on sundews before with no problems, but not worth taking the chance if it could cause problems. Provado is usually my first choice.
  17. Spend a lot of time on flytrapcare forum thought I'd join up here to see what more local people are doing with their plants. So frustrating we can't get fts plants in Europe and UK other than 3 cultivars of fly trap at Triffid. If anybody knows of anyone cultivating any Fts cultivars please let me know I badly want purple ambush.
  18. Not wanting to disagree with Greg but I read somewhere that soap based insecticides were not suitable for CPs. I haven't tried them so can't say from personal experience but it might be worth doing a bit of research (getting CPUK forum or FB group opinion at least) first.
  19. Definitely aphids - I can even see a live one on a capensis in the 13th photo from the top! When there is only a few on a sundew, I prefer to feed them back to the plant they've been eating! When there are lots, you can submerge the plant in rainwater for a couple of days to drown them or, as suggested, use an insecticide. I can vouch for Provado Ultimate Big Killer and SB plant invigorator, although a few drops of washing up liquid in a spray bottle of rainwater works too. Worth flushing the pot very well after using any insecticide.
  20. I agree with Argo, aphid skins from when they moult. See if you can spot the live adults, you may need a magnifying glass depending on how good your eyesight is (I do!). They also cause deformed traps and leaves. If they are still present, you will probably need to spray with an insecticide. I've used Rose Clear and Provado (or whatever it's called these days) on Drosera and VFTs before without problems. Hopefully other growers will chime in with further suggestions.
  21. Hi! They are old skin of aphids... I hope I’ve write in correct English and you have understood me... aphids
  22. Hello everyone. I have a problem with my carnivorous plants. They have tiny white insects on them. I don't know what they are and they are damaging my plants. Suggestions and advice on how to deal with them kindly received. Thanks
  23. Hello This link has interesting info about the luring, trapping and digestion of sarracenia. Basically, you can divide them in two groups: one group collects rain water, the other one doesn't. The group that doesn't collect rainwater digests the prey only with enzymes. They produce very little of them and normally you wouldn't notice them. Additionally, these enzymes only digest the soft intestins and leave the keratin skeletton alone. That's why it seems like nothing is happening. The other group has these enzymes too, but in the collected rainwater there live micro organisms that help with digestion. I hope this clears things up. Jasper
  24. Hi there, A question I've been pondering curiously for some time... If my Sarracenia doesn't have any liquid inside, how does it absorb the nutrients from the flies it's catching? The flies don't seem to break down. They just seem to sit there and not do much else. Does anyone know how having a fly inside the plant actually do anything for it?
  25. Hi, is this ok to use for cps? Diall Lava rock 2.5kg from B and Q.
  26. KneeHi

    Hello there

    Cool thank Lee will put it in a shady are Many thanks
  27. Try not to place the plant in direct sunlight straight away especially with the heatwave we are experiencing at the moment.. A slightly shaded area would be ideal to start off with.
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