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  2. Platty


    Hi everyone, I'm aware of and have pubescent forms of S. alata and S. leucophylla. Are there pubescent forms of other species? Thanks
  3. Rogier vdg


    The ants are here to rescue the spider or are they?
  4. Hey tropicbreeze! What's your weather like at the moment? You can edit that plant name up there Karsty.
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  6. I just noticed (only one year late) that the last photo in the group under the label "Utricularia minutissima" is actually Utricularia geoffrayi.
  7. Thanks Guy Did you just spray the centres or the tubes as well? I've tried Provado the last few years but taking each one out to make sure I sprayed them all round but the tubes on a few still seem to come up malformed. I bought one of the little pressure sprays to make life easier but still have to refill several times. I'm wondering if I should try spraying much earlier before the new growth starts?
  8. Hi Ada I have them in the same place but I will double check that they get good light. Thanks for the response. Trish
  9. solfami

    New dionaea

    Very nice plant Lucien
  10. lucien01700

    New dionaea

    LB Red dentate(New dionaea of the year 2018)
  11. Also, VFT is a temperate plant, it needs to stay outside in the sun and needs cold to go dormant in the winter
  12. Wonderful plants!!! Amazing colours!!!
  13. They should germinate around the same time.Are they getting the same amount of light? My sarracenia seed germinated early this year,except for two pots.these were not quite as well lit as the rest,so I moved them into direct sun.A couple of weeks later they germinated fine. Slight differences can make all the difference!
  14. I never had problems with sarras here but this year It's really bad!! As i said i received the plant in march/april so maybe It suffered a bit, i will post a pic ot the plant this evening...i'm having many problems with non carnivorous plants too...i think it's all due to the bad weather we had
  15. Hi all How long does it take for darlingtonia seeds to germinate? I bought some seeds together with some sarracenia seeds, and sowed them all at the same time. I put them all in the fridge for 6 weeks and then into the greenhouse. I have some sarracenia seedlings about 2mm high but nothing from the darlingtonia. Any help/advice appreciated. Trish
  16. Do you have a photo of the whole plant? Should be happy in Italian full sun even in periods of bad weather I would have thought.
  17. Kelkay RHS Horticultural Grit is safe and widely available. Melcourt bark is another option:
  18. I've tried top dressing of gravel and the moss came through. Im now trying a much deeper top dressing using granite gravel and so far it is moss free.
  19. Hello all, I was wondering what kind of top dressing everyone here is using for their cephalotus, I'm thinking of trying something to manage algae/moss, Does anyone have some recommendations as I wouldn't want anything that will leech into the soil, I know some use aquarium gravel and granite grit, anything else? Thanks
  20. Some shots of this year. Senza titolo by frangelo54, su Flickr Senza titolo by frangelo54, su Flickr DSCN1773 by frangelo54, su Flickr Senza titolo by frangelo54, su Flickr Senza titolo by frangelo54, su Flickr DSCN2175 by frangelo54, su Flickr DSCN2198 by frangelo54, su Flickr DSCN2200 by frangelo54, su Flickr DSCN2202 by frangelo54, su Flickr DSCN2218 by frangelo54, su Flickr Senza titolo by frangelo54, su Flickr
  21. o.k,no greenhouse and bad weather explains the poor growth,
  22. Beautiful! Toothy and that lovely hairy lid! I will eventually get one of those, I must sort out my Lighting/Humidity first in my make -make shift tiny walk-in greenhouse! Once I have the conditions just right, will make the plunge and never go back :) Happy growing!
  23. They are in full sun, i received the plant on march/april and that pitcher didn't grow inside another pitcher. I had really bad weather with lots of rain and cold for the entire spring, i don't have a greenhouse and all the plants suffered a lot the bad weather
  24. It's very late to be growing its first pitchers? Even mine have been open for weeks now. It also looks like they need more light to me. It looks like the first pitcher has grown up into another pitcher to bend like that.
  25. Hi guys, it looks like i won't have any pitcher of my Adrian Slack this year! Yesterday morning everything was perfect then in the evening you can see the situation in the pics....strong wing and hot sun!!! New pitchers burnt and broken...even on many other sarras....damn!!!
  26. Hi, you're welcome. I can imagine it was fun. Well, as far as I'm concerned please keep sharing your fun. Thanks. Best regards Rogier
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