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From: Respect the wind with a weak greenhouse




Disaster! My greenhouse has been flattened by the recent storm. f5cadf2f49d5d63e63c7480d6ae72d3f.jpg It's even moved a foot! 213bfeba267a5dae01946c30a0fcbf3b.jpg7d8f9dcf23e144bef26586b0d33f8458.jpgf8cb61a97f2bcb8268db4a07330079eb.jpg

This one could barely stand being touched let alone being in a 45mph wind!

Luckily my stronger greenhouse, used in the summer for tomatoes, has survived and they have been temporally stored there. But the other greenhouse may be beyond repair I suppose the stronger greenhouse will be their new home.

Source: Respect the wind with a weak greenhouse


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