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Feeding the plants - our adventure into grossville UK



Well, having just posted a rambling without any real content, I just remembered that we did something today that has some slight content.

I asked about feeding the plants with worms and suchlike, see http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56190 for the interesting discussion that followed. I was surprised at the variety of things people shove into their plants, having previously thought you should let them fend for themselves.

Well, there was this fly buzzing around our house today, and it was really annoying me. I grabbed the net I use for pulling dead fish out of the tank (not that this ever happens, ahem) and managed to catch the fly. It wasn't easy, but it became personal when it evaded escape for the first few times! I'm sure it stuck it's tongue out at me as well. Well, I wasn't going to stand for that, so I gave chase and got it.

By this time, I had an audience of amused and curious little girls, who wanted to know what I was going to do with the fly now I had caught it. When I said I was going to feed the VFT, there was chorus of excited squeals, and a dash for the dining room windowsill to get a good seat.

Having fed the plant, I happened to mention that we could also feed them other bugs, and there was an immediate stampede into the garden, where every stone was lifted in search of anything that moved!

The VFT ended up with a gala dinner of a worm, a slug and the original fly. One of the N. Bloody Marys got a slug and a millipede, and the S. Chelsonii got two slugs (one not very alive by this time, and shoved down the pitcher by me).

A good time was had by all (except the bugs I guess), and the plants got fed. I promised them that we would feed the sundews with bloodworms and/or fish food next.

You didn't know that growing CPs was a spectator sport, did you?

Have a wonderful weekend.


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