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Water Propogation 2015 Progress . . .



Hello all who stumble across this. . . . . ..

I originally read an interesting post by NialFM and rather than fill that with nonsense I thought it best to start this blog and link it from there

Producing plantlets of VFT and drosera via water immersion technique


So, what's going on here?

- After reading the above experiment I decided to have a pop myself. I have the time and patience so why not?


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what did I do?

 - after my interested was nudged by NIALFM's post I decided to give it a go.



I researched here in forums and on ICPS Grow guides and decided to give it a go.


D.Rotundifolia (1) was a 'free' hitchhiker on my S.Leucophylla (Profile pic) so thought why not give that a try.

D.Rotundifolia (2) was my old one that was starting to look a little miserable. So, before it decided to croak I thought i'd try and preserve the little feller.

D.Muscipula was a prime candidate for trying and my plant had a good few strong leaves and I am sure would not have minded losing a few for science.

D.Filiformis was looking like it had succumbed to the instant, out of nowhere Norn Iron Frosts. It surprised and shook me, never mind the plant. So in order to preserve I

snipped a leaf or two.

(Fear not friends, it seems that I rescued it in time and have since Veg Prop'd it and both a thriving) the cutting is thriving still in a jar and showing good growth for a few months

https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B48xR3fbSB_dZnhHQl90Z2paYlU&usp=sharing and 2015-07-17 - D.Filiformis (Split).jpg


I know that there is a lot of precise science/botany / guesswork / luck involved here and this is just for my own fun and pleasure so not everything/each step is scientifically controlled. Yes, some of the tubes had dirt in them. I did not clean, bleach any of the cuttings. In fact I know some of them were none starters from the off but put them in anyway. Curiosity. Anyway the dirt in there has not in anyway harmed them.



1 Start



so little project started mid March 2015 and looking for a bright warm, sunny spot I chose the window ledge at work. Big Window, radiator and plenty of light.



2 Three Months later


June 2015 (3 months down the line)



Dionea, D.Filiformis and D.Rotundifolia all taken and are now showing signs of plantlets and are now out of Test Tube and in Coffee Jar (same water, lid on)

2015-07-17 - D.Rot and VFT

In this picture there are

x1 VFT plantlet (center) with original leaf still attached.

x3 D.Rotundifolia leaves that all struck in the test tubes (1 bottom left, 2 top right)

x1 D.Filiformis leaf with a strike, this has only been in there since it got tangled by accident so I threw it in. Hard to see/make out but its the line just below the VFT

 - This is showing signs of x2 plantlets.


The test tubes have been emptied and contents replaced, as there was a good hit rate for a newbie first timer, with more of the same.


3 About to Break Free


The Coffee Jar as of today (2015-07-17)






So if/when I am successful in this escapade what the hell am I going to do with them? The Mrs mind boggles. I have a plan.

I started with the few plants back in May 2012 and after being very very very careful. Correct rain water, 2 inches, in pots, inside the house. Didn't dare let them near the great outdoors for fear of being drowned and or frozen. The mollycoddling had to stop. oh and the imminent threat of a baby pulling them all over the place.

I have raised beds so thought why not? Dug some out and lined it. Once lined added the mix of Peat (I am in Ireland for godsake so it aint hard to find) let it settle then decided to ust plant em. let em get on with what they like doing best. Initially all was well. Good growth, flower stalks and the odd flower. Very promising thought me. Boom. Coldest, wettest winters for a long long time hit us. Some temps were cruel. But I thought these little fellers live up to Canada and that is proper cold! this is a mild snap! Anyway long and short of it is that it just became too windy, too often and I noticed that they didn't like that.




(1 Bog From This)

So I decided to Veg propagate them as best as I could and make them a nice new little home.


(2 Bog New Home)

All this took after a bit of thought was some liner, peat, water, x3 Storage Boxes from a £shop, a little fence to hide said boxes (was used for Chrimbo Tree), few pebbles and we are good to go. Took longer driving to nearest town to get the stuff than to put it together.


(2 Bog to This)

This is the new home now it has settled in a bit. Moss added, again this is Ireland so not too hard to find. Still sort of under construction until moved to final home.


(2 Left Side)

This is the most populated part at present. As I am not completely happy with what goes where and when and will be moving the complete thing plants are still in Pots buried into yoghurt pots of water so just mimicking an indoor set up. Can slot in and out and move types to suit mood, need, wind etc and not have to report and disturb them too much.


(3 Bog Soon Live Here)

Space already put aside and letting it grow wild for a bit. Then start the chopping and laying some stone. nice builder man over the road has a nice pile of junk that I have my name on, mainly just to hide the boxes and to sit them on. Not raise them too much but enough to keep them friggin slugs away)


That is the Darlingtonia just relaxing in the rain having a sneeky peak at his new home.


(D.Rotundi Outside)

Is as best as a scientific control as I could muster, this is a Veg Prop of same plant that is in the tubes. Aint massive but its thriving.



Vegetative Propagation


Not what is promised in the title of this but might as well keep it altogether.


As the plants that were in the outside bog were planted. This is where the notion for modular setting came in, I had to dig them up. As I had already picked them up I decided to get as many cuttings as I could. Some of them don't look pretty and as I say above the wild Norn Iron Winds took a bit of toll on them. Still, this last month or three has seen them put on some growth and show promising signs....




Original plant had the good grace to split into 7. Here they are sitting happily in peat in a greenhouse. Not the best photo but its Pi'#]ng down at minute.


This is what was left from the outside bog again split and growing...

 - S.Rubra x Readii / S.Purpurea (catesbaei) / S.Flava Flava /



so, any thoughts, suggestions, tips anyone? All would be greatly welcomed as there is always something we are doing right/wrong or someone can do better/different.

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