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A bit of a panic as I look in on my little mirco world this morning as I see one of the little seedlings has got itself a sprintail, now tis wouldn't worry me too much as they eat dead and rotting plant matter but in the tiny trap of my Drosera it looked HUGE! IT did cross my mind to find a pin and with the help of a strong lens to remove the springtail. I thought better of it as I'd most likely damage the plant in trying to remove it.

Happy to see looking at it again about an hour later all the little tentacle wrapped tightly around its first feed. It could have bitten off more than it could chew but it is making a good go at taking it down. What a week first healthy seedlings, first leaf with dew and now first feed.

*Fuzzy* image is the best I could of the plant with prey when the tentacles had not yet responded to the food.

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