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Begin again... and again




Well after the failed attempt to grow D. capensis (typical) on cotton wool and getting very weak looking seedlings I have started again this time with Sphagnum flexuosum. A little in a pot and seeds sprinkled on top and bingo, from ten seed I have six strong looking seedlings that have just started to show the first little red dots of true leaves. At the moment all the little tentacles are closed in to the middle of the leaf giving the look of a closed fist with red nail polish on.

As i say they are growing on sphagnum that I am sure is alive but looks like it is slow growing and the new buds are coming up clear, not green?!? Well in any case the little plants look to have taken to it well. I can see a few tiny roots but hard to see as in the folds of the sphagnum. I put down the low germination rate down to the fact that some of the seeds fell deep into the moss and so haven't had enough light.

Fingers crossed I will have six good plants but at this point one would be a 100% increase in my success rate.



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