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Act 2, Scene 4




Well so begins my descent into carnivorous plant madness... I’m starting out with ten Sarracenia alata seed. Sounds harmless enough but I have been informed that this is more than enough to have this addiction take hold. I have seven in the fridge sitting moist waiting for the days to get a little longer (long time) I really should get some lighting rigs but well I’m starting from the bottom up and my girlfriend will kill me if I do. I already have some long term plans such as.

Large bog garden. This will take some convincing of the gf as will mean losing a fifth of the lawn. Plus she is sure it will be swarming with mozzies

Terrarium. Again some convincing as she will be sure to think I’m filling with crawling life, poison tree frogs and other cute but deadly things.

It is not that I don’t have a free reign to do as I will, just after letting a few things escape in the house I have to clear things that come in, much like customs.

While not being new to gardening and horticulture this will be my first time growing cps. Before now my obsession has been with the more toxic plants that crop up in the uk. Garden is filling up with Digitalis and such and all of them look to attract a huge amount of insect life and I’m thinking the bog garden can be the little dark side of paradise. Also working out how to plant some Giant Gunnera around the bog without it ripping through any membrane, seeds are on standby with many others for this more primal corner of the garden.



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