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The Other Post

Daniel G


Ok, i remembered i had a Blog, and i'm posting, so i deserve points for that.

I recently replaced my incredibly ripped plastic greenhouse cover, and now, it's not incredibly ripped. Magic eh? My plants like it, and i do, so everyone's a winner!

I'm dreading winter, and especially with my Cephalotus, but, i will persist. I've been talking to a grower called andy about Tissue Culture, and he kindly offered to send me some MS and agar, all i need to do is buy some PPM and tubs. Simples!

I also altered my cuttings/seeds set up, so me LED light is literally 1" away from the cuttings/seeds. I hope it works.

I also have a freshened vigor for plants for some reason, i wonder where it will get me.

So, if you read this, you now know a little more about someones un-interesting life. Congratulations!



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