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Greenhouse: Glass or polycarbonate?

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#1 Richard Bunn

Richard Bunn
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Posted 06 April 2012 - 20:57 PM

Hi folks

I'm buying my first greenhouse for CP's in a few weeks. Years ago I used to grow orchids and I had a different kind greenhouse. This time I want to make sure I can affordably get the right kind. Firstly I live in Ireland so things never bloody come cheap here.

This is an unheated greenhouse for Sarracenia's, VFT's, Drosera and Drosophyllum, and cephalotus. Pretty much any full sun unheated plants.

What kind of glazing should I go for? glass or polycarbonate? Do light levels deteriorate over time with polycarbonate?

Also if polycarbonate then (for the sake of the plants) go for completely clear or the hybrid one that has a kind of frosted roof? I want to get the best out of my plants colour wise.



#2 Ian Salter

Ian Salter
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Posted 06 April 2012 - 21:23 PM

It may be a matter of personal choice as you will get very differing opinions I would have thought.
Glass will give the best light transmission and be easier to maintain but will have very little insulating benefits.
Polycarbonate will create a softer environment slightly diffusing light and offer some insulation in winter but may degrade over time.
I doubt there is a huge amount in it unless someone knows something drastic about polycarbonate.
I grow with glass greenhouses and poly-tunnels and have done for years and can't say one produces better sized or coloured plants than the other.
Oh and please avoid the real budget lightweight units out there, Think long term.
And think of the size you need now and triple it lol.

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#3 Dicon

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Posted 07 April 2012 - 19:25 PM

unheated and full sun, I would choose glass, if you need to shade it you can use cheap paint on shade each year.
You don't need insulation and if you did, thin polycarb alone offers very little.