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tuberous drosera pollen exchange?

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Posted 05 January 2012 - 13:51 PM

Dear all,

you may already know that I am very interested in tuberous drosera. Unfortunately, I often have only one single clone of a specific species and need pollen of a second clone for successful pollination. Therefore I am interested to swap pollen (or to send them in one direction and share the resulting seeds afterwards).

One such species starting to flower in 1-2 weeks time is D. huegelii. I already have one other grower with a plant of the same size so I may be happy with that. This species will be well suited for such a pollen exchange as the flowers will open for several days in a row and therefore the chances of overlapping flowering are higher compared to those species flowering on a single day only.
Nevertheless, there will be other species following later in the season for which I may need pollen (microphylla var. macropetala, macrophylla ssp., ...).

Is anyone around here interesting in exchanging pollen? If so, please post your species you can offer/look for for the next ~2 weeks. I suggest that swaps can than be agreed upon individually via PM or Email to keep this thread focused on finding contacts.

Just to get things started, here is a list of species I have currently in flower:
D. graniticola
D. zigzagia
D. aberrans
D. macrantha Rock Outcrop Form (pollen needed?)
D. macrantha Cape Le Grand (pollen needed)
D. lowriei giant plant (pollen needed?)
D. whittakeri Onkaparinga (pollen needed)

Starting into the flowering season very soon:
D. huegelii (pollen needed?)
D. pallida South Coast Form
D. orbiculata (pollen needed)

Please let me know what you think of this!
Best regards