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Cephalotus Seed Germination

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#1 Kryptonite

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Posted 05 January 2012 - 13:04 PM

I planted some Cephalotus seeds back in September and they started to germinate in mid December and thought i would share some pictures.

- This is my first attempt at growing Cephalotus from seed and is worth noting that i have not been growing carnivorous plants for very long.

- So far the germination rate sits at approx 40%. They are currently inside in my very unscientific terrarium. They were not covered, but i did inadvertantly spray them twice a day when i was spraying the helis.

- I was worried when the seeds went dark brown/black from the damp. I thought they had died. They did not.

- Some of the pots developed a mold growing on the peat. So i put these outside in my grow house for a while as i kind of gave up hope on them. Once i saw that some that stayed inside had germinated, i brought the others in from outside. They started to germinate almost immediately but in line with the others (approx 15 weeks from planting).

- One strange thing i can report is that 2 of the seedlings which were outside for some time produced 3 leaves initially. I don't know if this common/rare/or anything thing else. The others that have germinated since in that pot have only produced two leaves.

- One of the seedlings has produced one trap almost immediately, while others are producing leaves.

They seem kind of happy and am hopeful more will continue to hatch over the coming months.
Happy new year to you all

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Posted Image

3 Seed leaves (i)
Posted Image

3 Seed Leaves (ii)
Posted Image

First traplet
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Posted Image

#2 Tuuagso

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 06:30 AM

Nice looking babies, sure they will grow healthy.
Good luck!

#3 gardenofeden

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Posted 07 January 2012 - 09:29 AM

well done, nurture them for several more years and you will have good sized plants!