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Poor nectar spoon development

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Posted 13 December 2011 - 14:34 PM

Dear All,

In recent weeks I've noticed that my H. nutans x heterodoxa have started to produce pitchers with very poor nectar roll/spoon development.

I realise this can indicate insufficient light, although the plants are grown in a terrarium with two 45W blue spectrum 6400K growlights powered for 14 hours a day and located approximately six-eight inches above the top of the plants. The plants all have a good degree of colouration. I mist twice daily, humidity is maintained at around 65% and the temperature inside the terrarium is about 24C during the day, dropping to 18-20C at night. Without constantly moving the plants around the house, I'm going to struggle to achieve a greater temperature variation now that the central heating is on. So my question is this:

Are my plants not developing properly because of poor or low levels of light or do the other variables have an impact? Most texts I've read only talk about light being the issue, but given the otherwise strong growth (leaves are getting to four-five inches) and healthy colouration I do wonder...

Any help or observations would be gratefully received.


PS The Cephalotus really seem to appreciate the growing conditions in the terrarium... I am curious to learn whether, come the Spring, they can be grown successfully outdoors in southern England? Longer-term: how hardy are they?

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