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CPN December 2011 issue (v40 n4) is now available

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Posted 21 November 2011 - 18:39 PM

Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, volume 40, number 4, December 2011 is available for download as a PDF for members on the ICPS web site:
Hard copy will be mailed to members on December 1.


Drosera × hybrida rest in peace, by John Brittnachner, 3 figures, 17 references, p112-121.
A thorough discussion of the discovery, history, and taxonomy of Drosera × hybrida since 1892, including the New Jersey sites.

Chasing Nepenthes on Cape York, Queensland, by Gary W. Wilson, Fanie Venter, Robyn F. Wilson, & Darren Crayn, 10 figures, 3 references, p122-128
A report describing the distribution, status, and systematics of Nepenthes mirabilis, N. tenax, and N. rowaniae based on a recent field trip to Cape York, Australia.

Comparison of Byblis ‘Goliath’ (B. filifolia), Byblis ‘David’ (B. liniflora), and their putative fertile hybrid, by Irmgard & Siegfried R.H. Hartmeyer. 5 figures, 4 references, p129-137.
A study of cross pollination events and results. Seed derived plants from the cultivars, Byblis ‘Goliath’ and Byblis ‘David’ were cross pollinated. While the Byblis ‘Goliath’ needs buzz-pollination to release pollen, the hybrid between these two taxa develops self-pollinating flowers, like its robust B. liniflora parent.

New cultivars: Sarracenia ‘Seurat’, S. ‘Gorey’, S. ‘Leo Song’, S. ‘Deep Throat’, S. ‘Red and White’, and Dionaea ‘JA1’, by Jay Lechtman, Peter D’Amato, & Julio Alberto González Domínguez, 9 figures, p136-140.

Literature reviews by Barry Rice & Jan Schlauer, p 141-145.
A review of 13 recent papers

2012 ICPS Conference poster, p 146.
Information about the 9th ICPS Conference to be held in New England, USA, August 11-13, 2012.