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My Construction: Advices Welcome!

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Posted 23 October 2011 - 13:03 PM


I am living in Jamaica and want to grow Drosera and other carnivorous plants (seeds needed) and also water carnivores, all outside my home, under the real sky. I already got a large plastic pot (with bottom holes at the moment), and I collect my own rain water. I also mixed a - hopfefully acceptable - substrate:
- 50% Perlite
- 50% Mixture of equal parts of Peat Moss and Coconut-Shell Powder (the brown one)

But now I have questions about the best way of pot preparation.

Does it make sense, to have an empty vertical pipe in the substrate, to better see and controll the water level?

In Jamaica it rains seldom outside of the two annual rain seasons. Should I mount a transparent disc above, to prevent top water and rely only on my "ground water" in the pot?

Should I close the bottom holes in my pot to allow to raise the water within this pot to a certain level? Or should I keep the bottom holes and place this big pot inside a bigger pot who then functions as water-tight container for raising the water level to what's required?

Should the construction have a water lock-off at the bottom to allow to let out all water sometimes, in order to replace it with new, fresh water?

Up to how many centimerts below the substrate top level should the water level reach? The substrate is 27 cm tall, the diameter is33 cm.


I am still desperately in need/search for carnivore seeds. Anyone able to send me seeds, is very welcome. Here in JM I can't buy any. But I offer tropical seeds for exchange!
I search seeds of variants of:
- Drosera
- Dionea
- Pinguicula
- Utricularia

I offer seeds of:
- Jamaican Callaloo
- Jamaican Sorrel
- Orchid Bush
- Orchid Tree
- Capsicum
- etc.

Question: how to upload an illustration for my thread?