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Which fluorescent light to use?

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Posted 21 August 2011 - 08:15 AM

Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong forum or anything!

Right, so, I'm quite a novice grower.. I've had a Capensis and Aliciae for near a year, and recently obtained a Purpurea. With the winter months looming ahead I was thinking of buying a form of artificial lighting for my Sundews.

Last winter, both my Sundews withered away and turned brown/black. It was just too cold and not enough light :(. They did come back in the spring though (living up to their reputation of hardiness :D) and have been looking good since. I want to keep them looking healthy this winter.

I've been looking about the internet and have learnt that (I think) the best thing to buy for artificial lighting, in my situation, is a CFL (compact fluorescent light), though I have to admit there's a few things that confuse me: lumens, kelvin, light 'colour'? What sort of things should I look for to keep my plants healthy? I'm not really after a terrarium or anything, just a simple, small light for my two Sundews. Maybe a reflector if necessary.

Is this a good idea? Or is it unrealistic to expect good results with something so small/simple? If someone could offer any advice, maybe give some examples of lights I could buy, that'd be great! (I'm in the UK for those wondering)