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Genlisea glandulosissima

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#1 Guest_Andreas Eils_*

Guest_Andreas Eils_*
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Posted 28 June 2010 - 23:41 PM


this is a question for the Genlisea expert! :yes:

I´ve got a G. glandulosissima almost a month ago. And it is already dead! :biggrin: It went quite quick for my taste! I´m not sure what went wrong. I´ve asked someone I know who is growing this species as well. He told me it wants warm conditions. This month it´s warm enough I guess. However the other grower told me his plants wouldn´t grow very well. It seems obvious his conditions are not optimal either. I have not expected that this would be an easy species. Troubles have started only a few days after unpacking and planting it in. Soil is a mix of 50% each: peat moss and coarse quartz sand. The most important question probably: How wet should it grow. I use to grow my other Genliseas in changing water levels - slightly flooded and then a decreasing water level for some days. Water is completely changed every two weeks. Except G. glandulosissima: I´ve changed the water completely every four days. I´m not sure if it naturally grows in still water or in running water. I´ve read a post of Andreas Fleischmann about newly discovered Genliseas in Africa here on CPUK a while ago. But haven´t kept much in mind. It was about G. bartlothii, G. subglabra and G. glandulosissima.

Interestingly the subterranean trap system seemed intact whereas all leaves have rot! Probably the leaf rosette mustn´t be submerged. Your advice is welcome b´cos I will try it again...and again...and again... :shock: I don´t give up so quickly!

Cheers and thanks,


#2 Guest_Andreas Eils_*

Guest_Andreas Eils_*
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Posted 29 June 2010 - 22:33 PM

Ah well, difficult to find support for such a rare plant in cultivation. I´ll get a free replacement. I will try growing it without flooding as Mister Klein also does without. Maybe better in this case. Mister Klein told me this species is easy to grow. My ex-plant had a wilted flower scape full of seeds and according to Mr. Klein seeds sprout very easily in very wet conditions...hmhm...so I can expect a lot of seedlings in a couple of weeks? I don´t mind. But I haven´t even managed to get seeds of G. hispidula germinated - and THAT is what I´d call an easy plant! :confused:



#3 Fernando Rivadavia

Fernando Rivadavia
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Posted 10 July 2010 - 06:01 AM

Hey Andreas, sorry to hear about your plant.

Andreas Fleischmann and I found this species in Zambia in 2006 and it grew VERY wet! Mostly it was in boggy seepages, but at one site it was growing on a floating mat of rotting organic matter (leaves, algae, grasses) on a lake.

I think we made a topic somewhere here showing these pics... Anyway, the boggy habitats were very similar to how G.aurea grows in Brazil, so I'd imagine cultivation would be similar.

Good Luck,