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What do you do in real life???

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#21 epbb

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Posted 05 February 2004 - 20:02 PM

I work as a technical-buyer in a french society that imagine and build waste water traitment plants and drinking water traitment plants.

We built for exemple the waste water traitment plant of Glasgow, the drinking plant of Bray and few others in england.

It is a new job since 2004 hence my little silence here. I used to work before in the same society as a water process-ingeneer in our technical department.

#22 fly

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Posted 05 February 2004 - 20:54 PM

Fantastic! What a range of interesting and diverse disciplines! Vic, does that mean I can pick your brains on germ cell protocols :D ?

Bobble - do you make Scottish tartan to order or is it just certain clans ? (thinking of a nice pair of 'trews' sp? for my Dad for next Xmas!!! :shock: )

And Aidan, all I can say is - they require 20:20 vision :D

#23 vic brown

vic brown
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Posted 05 February 2004 - 21:01 PM


I know very little about insects at a cellular level, I can dissect a female mosquito and tell you if its mated (sperm in its spermatheca (sperm storage organ) or not and how many eggs its likely to be able to lay though.

I agree, there are a lot of interesting occupations being listed, I hope some more members join in.


#24 Langy

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Posted 05 February 2004 - 21:38 PM

Hi, all

Well by reading what some of you people do, I almost fell like the 'bottom of the pile'.

Im a Garden Centre Dept. Manager, although on Monday 9th Feb. I have an interview for a Planteria Manager position in Cowbridge (between Bridgend and Cardiff, Wales).

So hopefully no more stupid questions about livingroom lighting, and kitchenware :shock: :D

I mean c'mon who goes into a garden centre to ask about livingroom furniture.!!!!

I am also the Web-Master, and propagationist for PJ-Plants (in my spare time).



#25 Rob-Rah

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Posted 05 February 2004 - 22:03 PM

I'm a musicology graduate and postgraduate, currently returned to University to do a Law degree for a change of career to something that pays a little better!

#26 Colin

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Posted 05 February 2004 - 22:12 PM

i am a countryside ranger in glasgow city council. Responsible for 53 sites some of which are SSSIs and most are SINC sites... yes i do have some areas with rotundifloria :)

#27 Mike King

Mike King
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Posted 05 February 2004 - 22:15 PM

I am a sales engineer for a major German Sawing and deburring machine manufacturer for the metal working industry Have a look at www.rsa.de

I also have a part time business in Cps..which will gradually take over!

#28 JanW

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Posted 05 February 2004 - 23:03 PM

I study chemistry right now, going to be a organic chemisty scientist...

#29 Troy

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Posted 06 February 2004 - 01:11 AM

I agree Fly, not a boring job in the lot!
Loaksey's job - seriously cool, I can imagine enjoying something like that myself.

Langy if you're in a garden centre at least you get to indulge your passion for plants, that's a definite upside.

I currently manage (and am a shareholder in) the Bali Orchid Garden which is a private operation as the Indonesian Gov has more urgent things to spend it's money on than orchids.
We actually have three properties: a one hectare collection where we have about 500 species as well as some Neps, Amorphophallus, etc, a four hectare plantation of Heliconia and Anthuriums, and a seven hectare cut flower orchid plantation.
We are the biggest supplier of cut flowers and rental orchids here in Bali.

Cheers, Troy.
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#30 Dieter

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Posted 06 February 2004 - 10:25 AM

Jan, are you already working on your PhD thesis?

By training I am also an organic chemist and I currently work as research scientist in big pharma (in that Franco-German company that gets a lot of media and shareholder attention recently).


#31 JanW

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Posted 06 February 2004 - 18:15 PM

Hi Dieter,

I am currently in the main study period and will start to work on my diploma thesis next year.
So there are still some semesters until my PhD grade...

Where is your facility/factory located?


#32 gardenofeden

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Posted 06 February 2004 - 19:56 PM

I'm an botanist by training, ecologist by profession, and work for The National Trust
providing ecological advice to our properties in Yorkshire & the North east of England.

#33 Loakesy

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Posted 06 February 2004 - 20:17 PM

Loaksey's job - seriously cool, I can imagine enjoying something like that myself.

8) 8) 8)

Thanks Troy! Tho' I have to say it's much more cool in the telling than in the doing. Sometimes very stressful and nothing much like CSI! :P

#34 gooner

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Posted 06 February 2004 - 20:18 PM

I got a degree in Fine Art but swiftly realised that the director of Tate Modern wasn't going to come knocking :cry: and so re-trained as a jeweller, I thought it was a good compromise between doing something 'arty' and actually earning some money. I repair jewellery as a job and make it as a hobby, though the plan is to knock the repairs on the head and just make it :P ......one day when I'm feeling brave....


#35 David Ahrens

David Ahrens
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Posted 06 February 2004 - 21:52 PM

Members of the CPS sometimes dread getting a knock on their front door, late in the evening, with me standing there, waiting to come in.
No, I don't work for the Inland Revenue or the Customs and Excise.
It's just that I drive a small van, for a living, as a self-employed courier, and I drive almost anywhere in the UK. It's a good opportunity to see collections of CP's, all over the country. I live in Essex, as you know, and the furthest away collection that I have seen lately is Phil Adejedi's, in Warrington.
The money's rubbish, but I really enjoy it, which is half the battle.

#36 Dunc

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Posted 07 February 2004 - 00:35 AM

I'm the party pooper who can't go in to much detail of who my employer is or exactly what I do (I signed my life away when I joined)!

Basically I'm a materials chemist, PhD, FRSC, FIMMM, Chartered Engineer/Chemist & Scientist, with a team of Scientists and lots of PCs - inc a 24 processor cluster supercomputer. But hey, its only the day job.............

(I have managed to fit in visits to Atlanta Botanical Gardens & Californian Carnivores during my trips away)

8) 8) 8)

#37 Tim

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Posted 07 February 2004 - 01:21 AM

Whoa! Are you saying you were responsible for the bad intellegence regarding Iraq? :P

#38 Troy

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Posted 07 February 2004 - 01:50 AM

What they're trying to say now is that there was no bad intelligence, just incorrect interpretation.

Now there's a revelation....

#39 David Ahrens

David Ahrens
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Posted 07 February 2004 - 11:13 AM

There are a lot of chemists on the forum. I've got half a chemistry degree, I dropped out of the Polytechnic of North London in the early nineties, halfway through the second year.
I'll have to be careful what I say about chemicals etc, on the forum, or someone will tell that I don't know what I am talking about.

#40 flytrap

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Posted 07 February 2004 - 14:00 PM

We take our plants to shows all over the country doing displays with the carnivorous plants so if you come to any of the shows come and say hello to us,we start in April right up to September

Pauline :elephant: