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    Nice plants! A couple of days ago I got an unrooted cutting of Aristolochia littoralis, any tips...

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    Suitable buddies?

    AlphaZeroOne - Yesterday, 20:42 PM

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    Really nice mate !  Beautiful plants ! What's your media ? :)


P & J Plants 30th-31st July

27 Jul 2016

Posted by Yunzi in Open Days & Events

I've seen this on the CPS website but not really anywhere else.  I can probably go on the sunday but was wondering if its worth the drive, especially as I have less interest in Sarracenia and more in Pings/Cephs and other tropicals.  Anyone coming feel free to comment below.

  124 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Carnivine )


Why aren't there any open days in the East Midlands?

16 Jul 2016

Posted by Vampiresrus in Open Days & Events

I've noticed that there seem to be plenty of carnivorous plant open days down south but why aren't there any in the East Midlands or a bit further up north? It's a bit of a bind travelling to far off locations (but usually well worth it) but putting it bluntly it does get a bit dull and boring looking at the same old collections and locales.  I know the social side of things makes up for the same old, same old but it would be nice if someone pulled a new meet out of the bag.


Is there anyone out there who might 'spice' up things and have an open day or a nice informal meet  with the chance of buying/swapping for us further up north ? Sometimes the journey is a bit of a bind and I would like to see some new blood on the scene for a change as well. I know there are collectors out there in my neck of the woods so maybe this less than subtle hint might make them spring into action.




  498 Views · 25 Replies ( Last reply by manders )


Chester zoo open day

28 Jun 2016

Posted by zoomanuk in Open Days & Events
Hi guys,getting near that time of year again! Our open day is on the 23Rd July Saturday and I will do everything I can to make it a great day for all,if you are interested in coming plz let me know so I can cater for everyone,all the best.. Paul.

  313 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by Picavorus )


Mike King's open day June 11th 2016

10 Apr 2016

Posted by Mike King in Open Days & Events

Hi everyone,

      Some will already know, but my open day will be on Saturday, 11th of June at 12 noon.


As usual, you will be be welcome to sell, swap and trade and also there will be light refreshments.


As last time, please let me know if you are coming and we will get the food in etc. There will be many plants here on offer and I have a few bags of the pine bark, perlite and a couple of bales of peat needing homes to save me moving them!


This could be the last open day at our current address so it is unclear whether the autumn open day in October is going to be here or at the new place!


The highlights this year will be 1st and 2nd year trial plants in the peat free mix and one can notice the difference already.


Furthermore, the collection is more diverse year on year as I have been actively collecting myself!


I hope to see many of you here!

  1,737 Views · 39 Replies ( Last reply by Tommyr )


ICPS Conference 2016, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: 5-7 August

27 Jul 2015

Posted by Tim Bailey in Carnivorous Plant Societies

Dear all. An update on the ICPS 2016 Conference.


Please note: you do not need to be a member of The CPS or of any other cp society to attend the Conference.


Best wishes




ICPS Conference 2016: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew London

Please note: the ICPS dates originally proposed have now changed.


The Conference will now take place 5th to 7th August (Fri-Sun).

A field trip to Down House, the home of Charles Darwin, is planned for Mon 8th August. There are no restrictions on numbers planned for this trip.

The CPS expects to run a field trip between 10th and 12th of August. Tuesday 9th would be a travel day to the location. The field trip would take place in the New Forest area (Hampshire) and Dorset. The carnivorous plants, which would be seen growing in the wild are:

Drosera rotundifolia
Drosera intermedia

Drosera anglica

Drosera x eloisiana (previously named D. x belezeana)

Drosera x obovata

Utricularia minor
Utricularia australis
Utricularia stygia
Utricularia intermedia
Utricularia bremii

Pinguicula lusitanica

Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea
Sarracenia purpurea ssp. f. heterophylla

The trip will encompass some of the most beautiful countryside within Hampshire and Dorset, with the best cp sites selected from several years of study. Within the time available, we can look to run an excursion to Stonehenge if wanted and/or to a commercial nursery. There will be a restriction on the number of participants given the ecological sensitivity of many of the sites, but we will aim to be as flexible as we can on numbers. For instance, running two groups in reverse.

The scientific lecture programme will span the 3 days of the Conference based around the general theme: The World of Carnivorous Plants. Details will follow, but our expectation is to provide a programme with a similar number of lectures and structure to the recent 2014 Cairns ICPS Conference.

There will also be opportunities for Conference delegates to see cp material kept behind the scenes, such as Kew’s herbarium.

It is likely Kew will run an additional public/scientific engagement carnivorous plant event a few days prior to and during the time of the Conference, e.g. from the Weds. Should this come to fruition then it would a substantial additional benefit to Conference visitors. With a very busy lecture programme, visiting a day or two earlier would give more opportunity to explore all the Kew has to offer and the other cp offerings under discussion.

As is normal we have carnivorous plant displays and a seller’s area planned, within which our expectation is to assemble the greatest number of genera, species, forms and varieties ever presented. Assuming Kew’s extended cp activities happen, we would look to make the sellers and display available for those days too. This may even give us an opportunity to add in some bonus lectures.

For those who like to plan well in advance we are sorry we can’t 100% guarantee Kew’s extra activities, but will endeavor to let you know ASAP.

The customary evening meal is planned for the evening of the 6th August (Sat) at a venue (Italian - up to 120 places) within a very short walk of Kew.

We are in detailed discussions with Kew on many specifics, which we will circulate ASAP as they are confirmed.

It is too early for us to announce specific costs, such as the Conference fee, though we are working hard to keep any necessary charges to the bare minimum.

Summary: Key ICPS 2016 Conference dates

Location: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Duration: 5-7th August 2016

Evening meal: 6th August 2016

Down House Field Trip: 8th August 2016

CP Field Trip: 10-12th August 2016


If you have a query at this time please contact: http://www.thecps.org.uk/contact.php

  2,163 Views · 27 Replies ( Last reply by dennisB )

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