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  3. Drosophyllum progress

    I've brought mine into the g/h now and last time I looked it was still doing OK.
  4. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    If you got it on Aliexpress, you should be able to get your money refunded, and leave a bad review on the seller's page to warn other potential buyers. Generally you can get seeds of Dionaea and many species of Drosera really cheap, but those of Darlingtonia are a bit more expensive (as less people grow them) and Nepenthes quite a bit more (because they need both male and female plants to even pollinate the flowers to begin with).
  5. Drosophyllum progress

    I'm left my seedlings outside so far (or a recommendation) - one died but rest still looking good. Anyone with advice on how to get through the winter? Have grown a number of times from seed but never managed to keep more than a year or two!
  6. What have you got in the g/h? I have a single layer of big bubble insulation and a 30W tube heater and that keeps the frost out in all but the worst weather but still lets plenty of light in. Most CPs survive no problem.
  7. 2017 Largest Dionaea Trap Competition

    Some cracking traps! Well done to the winners! Looks like its 'can anyone get to 50 mm in 2018'?
  8. Hello!

    Hello and welcome
  9. Hello!

    Hello and welcome and as tatter has said shops water their plants with hose pipes generally as they don't a) know as any better or b) don't care as most will be sold before it becomes noticeable on the plant
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  11. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum
  12. Hello!

    Welcome to the forum Margot.Good luck with your vft, Sometimes they look as if drying from a)lack of water or 2)watered with tap water instead of rain water
  13. Dormancy

    Hi Stuart welcome to the forum Stephen answered your query in a nut shell
  14. Dormancy

  15. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    Yeah bought on learning curve for me. very cheap price for useless fake seed. So not happy but not really out of pocket........ I have been looking on the for sale forum, hopefully will be ordering of of here now i have found this site through The Carnivorous Plant Society link.....
  16. Auction 455 - S. moorei 'Adrian Slack'

    I'll start off the bidding with £15
  17. Auction 455 S. moorei 'Adrian Slack' donated by Linuxman with the proceeds going towards forum running costs. A small plant grown from a rhizome cutting as in this thread The original mother plant came from Mike King. The first two photos are of the mother plant, the second two of the plant you are bidding for. UK Standard Postage £5 EU Standard Postage £8.50 Please post your bids here This auction will last for FIVE DAYS and will end on 25th November 2017 @ BST 20:00hours. The last post with the highest bid with the time showing BST 20:00 hours will be the winner
  18. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    Did you buy from China? Lots of fakes, avoid Chinese sellers. Best to buy from people on this forum.
  19. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    thank you so much carambola you have confirmed my suspicions. The seeds i have are nothing like the pictures you have posted. the Nepenthes and Dionaea are all round, theses look to me like cress/mustard seeds the Darlingtonia seed are just like/same as pepper seed shape the Drosera are large round seed 1.5-2 mm in diameter ( very large) so from the they are not what they say they are i Have sow as if where the real deal just see what they are???? thank you so much ones again for the help........
  20. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    Hi William, here are some pictures of what these seeds should look like: Dionaea (teardrop shaped, they are smaller than they appear on the picture): Darlingtonia (they look like tiny cacti): Nepenthes (long and wiry with a small bump in the middle): Drosera (they are about as big as they appear on the picture: impossible to distinguish from dirt unless you use a microscope):
  21. I always leave phyllodia until they die back but old pitchers I trim back the dead stuff initially. Once they are properly dying back for winter they get a close trim whether 1/3 of a pitcher is green or not, I think the improved ventilation is good for them. This doesn't apply to S. minor or hybrids that don't die back that much, just trim dead stuff with those.
  22. Dormancy

    Those temps are too warm for dormancy a cold greenhouse or unheated garage window would be better for sarras and vft
  23. Newbies question about seeds I bought

    Can easily confirm if we can see the pics. You need to upload to a share site and post the link
  24. Hello!

    Thank you all!! :)
  25. Last week
  26. Hello!

    I sacrificed the crickets for the Drosera, they are of small size but if I see any signs of rotting or anything I'll take them off.
  27. Hello!

    The Drosera won't catch or keep hold of crickets because they're too big. The main thing Drosera catch are gnats and other very thin and light insects. Catching a housefly is already quite the achievement and doesn't happen very often, because larger insects are usually strong enough to still fly or crawl away before enough tentacles have folded in to keep it stuck.
  28. Dormancy

    Hi Stuart, Welcome to the forum (~8 Have you done a search of the forum for info?
  29. Dormancy

    Hi all, pretty new to growing and have a few questions Question is about dormancy for my Venus fly trap and Sarracenia. They are kept indoors in the UK on a south facing windowsill and the house is normally about 20 degrees or so. The Sarracenia has slowed its growth and the larger trumpets have started to go brown now. The Venus flytrap is still producing new traps but smaller ones than during the summer. When should they start to go into dormancy and what should I do for helping them to get through the winter?
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