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  2. No more PM notifications?

    Working for me too now, happy it has been fixed. Thanks Richard!
  3. I have yet to see plants which can be grown solely under LEDs or T5 :). HPS are still a solid value when it comes to growing indoor plants for instance. I used to grow my Heliamphora under the same kind of spotlight as Harro. If you plan to learn and make your own setup, maybe that thread of Naoki could be helpful :
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  5. DNS problems with CPUK

    Email issue fixed. Turns out it wasn't my fault after all. Phew! Richard
  6. No more PM notifications?

    Yay! *happy dance*
  7. No more PM notifications?

    Hi Richard, many thanks, works now. Best regards, Christian
  8. No more PM notifications?

    It's been fixed this morning. Is it working for you now? I'll send you a test PM. Regards Richard
  9. Yesterday
  10. DNS problems with CPUK

    I I had a sneaking suspicion it was related to the ZX Spectrum that I used to have.
  11. DNS problems with CPUK

    ZX81. First available computer sold by W H Smiths for 70 quid in 1981 LOL. No email then, we either sent letters or talked to each other.
  12. No more PM notifications?

    Hi there, since the last breakdown (or update? ) of the forum, I don't get any more email-notifications when receiving a PM. Before that, I got an email immediately after someone send one. In the settings-section (Messenger - I receive a message), both triggers (Notification List and Email) are checked, but are greyed out, so are not changeable. Is it only me, who has this problem, or did anyone else notice that behaviour? Best regards, Christian
  13. Auction 450 - A trio of Sarracenia

    Can this one be archived now @sheila
  14. Hi, I bought my LED Spotlight from Christian Ritter/Germany. The pic shows day and night
  15. it can be ok with Highland neps and heli? I really want to do something like Vince81 in his amazing terrarium, but i think im not be able to, so I would buy something that is already composed. I found this LED on a Swedish site, unfortunately they don't ship internationally. (,_krukor_mm/Vaxtbelysning/Vaxtbelysning,_LED-ramp_15W_Starter?id=36-5576 )
  16. DNS problems with CPUK

    I have a problem with the emails now. I think this one's my doing though. I'm trying to get it sorted so I'm sorry you didn't get my email. What's the ZX81 that you're referring to?
  17. I ordered some extension tubes from Wish about a month ago, which arrived at the post office yesterday. Took a few shots using the 55-250 lens, and seems much easier to use than the reverse ring method, and can get a bit more of the subject into the shot. Well, here are the first trial shots. Will practise a bit more in the coming days.
  18. LED for my higland terrarium

    I bought my led strip light here cheap and they r pushing my seeds up on the windowsill
  19. DNS problems with CPUK

    Morning email received from you. However, At the moment I am obviously able to reply's all beyond me, where did the ZX81 go?
  20. Lovely plants, wish I could get a collection going like that.
  21. Mike King's autumn open day 14th of October

    Count us in too Mike ;)
  22. Last week
  23. DNS problems with CPUK

    Hi Keith I emailed you earlier looking for information. Did you get my email?
  24. So now Sarracenia purpurea eats slugs!

    Assuming innocence without proof to the contrary has never hurt, but you're right that correcting info wasn't explicitly mentioned.
  25. Ping gypsicola, starting to grow

    Ha, that's a very contrary Ping you've got there but at least it's showing it can grow now even if it is in the wrong season. I had a look at mine and it looks like the first signs of Winter leaves are starting to appear. When mine was stuck in dormant mode it got through 2 summers with its Winter rosette so hopefully yours will be OK in the reverse situation. You might have to keep an eye on the watering in case it needs more than normal during Winter. Or maybe it will just drop back into dormancy at some point.
  26. Mike King's autumn open day 14th of October

    Hi Matze, it would be great to see you if you can make it!
  27. hello guys, how are you? I left cultivation of carnivorous plants few years ago cause university, now I want to start again. I started few weeks ago my project for Highland terrarium, and I want to switch from T5 bulb to LED. well m terrarium is 70cm length 61cm height 40 depth, so 168L terrarium. now my question is, which LED I have to use for light up my terrarium? LED is still better than T5 bulbs? can you help me to create a good LED plan? thank you for the attention. :-)
  28. Drosera ramentacea

    Same here, sorry for a late reply :-)
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