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  2. D. Gigantea from seeds

    Would like to read that article too! :)
  3. D. Gigantea from seeds

    Don't worry! It's the UK CPS the article went in. It also went in the December 2013 Plantsman, one of the RHS magazines. Message me your email address and I'll send it to you. Regards Nigel H-C
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  5. Problem with N.rafflesiana

    Ok i repot to dead sphangum i dont have a live. I put plastic bag and on windowsill got shade position. Now got temperature 26 c. I hope the Raff not die .:)
  6. Problem with N.rafflesiana

    It could be it was too cold as well. I had a giant rafflesiana in the house that did well for a few years, in a warm room, but when moved somewhere cooler in a new house it went pretty much like yours. You best bet would be repot in live sphagnum and keep it warm and humid (maybe with a bag), keep the spagh moist and the plant with good light (but not sun if its in a bag). Worth a try but i wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a recovery.
  7. Who owns the photo rights?

    My understanding (based on my wife's experience as an artist) is that if you took the photo of the plant then you own the copyright. If you took a photo of Kew's own photo of the plant that may be considered to be making a reproduction of the original which would most likely be an infringement of any copyright, unless they had granted you permission to take it (for commercial purposes). To use someone elses photo you should get their permission first (they may or may not grant permission) and you should let them know that it will be used commercially. If you do get permission you could use it and would usually credit the photographer in the book. The key points are if you took it, you own it but you may still be able to use others photos if they grant permission. Clearly for a commercial venture you need to get this right so a bit of official legal advice might be worthwhile too. Good luck with your book.
  8. Hi folks. I've got a question in my mind, I'm about to publish a carnivorous plant book in Finnish and I've got a photo taken from 2016 ICPS Conference that I'd like to add in my book. Its a photo taken of an old plant speciment that was displayed at Kew's private plant museum, or how should I describe ithat place.. Oh well I was just thinking is it legal to publish a photo from their collection in my "commercial" book. I know the photo is mine, but the collection was private and also when it comes to earning some little money with this book of mine. What are your thoughts? I don't want to get accused
  9. D. Gigantea from seeds

    Hi Nigel, I would really like to read this article, but can't find it. When you write "CPS", so you mean the UK CPS, or ICPS ? And need I be member of it to reach articles ? Sorry for this (maybe obvious) questions, but I'm new by here, and not really on point about those societies.
  10. Hi Ordovic, The idea here is to try to insulate the roots only. I've used a polyurethane expanding foam. the VFTs are planted, yes, in a 6 inch section of clay pipe (they are in pure RHS Kelkay "lime-free" grit sand, with a 2cm layer of moss peat on top, and charcoal at the bottom. I tried this because I read a very interesting account by someone who visited the VFTs in habitat and he said that's how they grew - a layer of organic matter on top of sand.) This is inside a cylindrical glass vase, the only purpose of this is to shelter from wind - they hate wind! Then you've got the foam, and then a translucent plastic bucket. And it all sits on a slab of expanded polystyrene. The metal is a thick piece of Al foil which covers a weather station sensor - protection from blinding sun!
  11. Sowing Sarracenia Leucophylla

    Hi Andrea, I am also interested in your comment. I sowed seeds last winter indoor under LED lamp and also this winter. Here is the list: Winter 2016/2017 S. leucophylla ‘Cronus’ /“Titan” L47MK x S. leucophylla, red stripe throat SL61 (Aldebardan CPUK 22/11) S. x “Black Knight” x S. x “Black Widow” SX113 (Aldebardan CPUK 22/11) S. leucophylla var. alba Very white tops, with some green veines SL8 x S. leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Clone 1A (Aldebardan CPUK 22/11) S. leucophylla ‘Hurricane Creek White’ Clone 5A x “Wilkerson’s Red” OP - SX101 (Aldebardan CPUK 22/11) Winter 2017/2018 S. Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clone 1A (Aldebardan) (28/10)S. Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clone E (Aldebardan) (28/10)S. Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clone 1A X clone E (Aldebardan) (28/10)S. Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clone 5A X clone E (Aldebardan) (28/10)S. Black Widow (Aldebardan) (28/10) S. Purpurea ssp venosa var burkei completely veinless x black widow (Aldebardan) (18/12)S. Leucophylla Botanic Garden of Padua x Alata black tube A28MK (Aldebardan) (18/12)S. Super Throat x Sky Watcher (Aldebardan) (18/12)S. Leah Wilkerson x Leucophylla Alba SL8 (Aldebardan) (18/12)S. Minor Okefenokee Giant x Leah Wilkerson (Aldebardan) (18/12) I am impressed by the growth of the crossing Leucophylla Hurricane Creek White Clone 5A X Wilkerson's red OP SX101. I shall post photos this evening.
  12. Problem with N.rafflesiana

    Thanks for answer. Propably is over watering so root rot.What i can do in this situation ? I can save the plant?
  13. Help

    It's working now. I used Imgur and now they show: Cheers NIgel
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  15. Hi Ordovic, I don't know what happened here, because I'm supposed to get an email when someone replies to my thread. Anyway, I'm falling asleep now, will get back to you....
  16. Help

    Hi Nigel, this didn't show a photo, just a url. And the link didn't work for me, I just got a 404 error.
  17. Hey Baboonum, thanks for your interest. It's the second time I use an aquarium chiller, and I must say that I'm still very pleased with such a system. So far, the best one in my experience and use. I think mine has a 5°C minimum too, but I haven't set the embedded thermostat for a while. What you should also keep in mind is the volume of water you intend to cool (besides room temperature, insulation and aimed temperatures). Here is a graph which shows the temperatures last summer at one of the warmest times: Devices' actions and temp records are every 5 minutes, thus all those peaks. I believe you can easily see the temp min/max set at that time :).
  18. Problem with N.rafflesiana

    Its dehydrated, root rot is a probable cause, or it dried out and the roots died, one or the other.
  19. Plantsman89's Plants

    Thank you Sadly not, it's looking a little poorly after entrusting watering duties and care to a someone else whilst I was on holiday and it's only just starting to pick up.
  20. Problem with N.rafflesiana

    Hello. Well, I have a problem with N. Rafflesian's pot. Previously it was the same with N.reinwardtiana and he died. It appears that the leaves turn yellow> curl> brown. The cone of growth changed color and it was very windy, so I honored it. The rest of the cone changes color, the one in the middle looks ok but it probably starts to deteriorate. Watering every 2-3 days Conditions on the southern parapet, 19-25 C humidity 30-50%. Subsoil peat, perlite, sponge, dead moss. What could be the reason ? I exclude pests.I suspect over watering but i dont know.
  21. Help Just a test... Nigel H-C
  22. That's an interesting set-up for your VFT's, may I ask what's going on there? I see that expanding insulation foam and a terracotta pot/pipe cut in half, but I'm curious as to the rationale behind it too. Is the metal on the bottom right corner of the pic anything to do with it
  23. Help

    Couple of good ideas, thanks all. Job for the to-do list for today. Nigel H-C
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  25. Healthy roots VS bad roots

    Det er for Søren interessant!
  26. Help

    Hey Nigel, How about this - I have used Google Photos for ages now, and it's really good. There's loads of space. You can set it to sync with your photos so they automatically upload there, and then you can manage them online, and it's free unless you need oodles and oodles and oodles of space. I upload them in their original size, and still I'm nowhere near my limit. Then all you do is open your photo online in Google Photos, right click on it, left click on "copy image address", then paste this into your post, and the photo appears.
  27. Help

    Perhaps I’m being thick, but where’s the gallery?
  28. Cephalotus Autumn Colour

    Eselt - ebay listing editor
  29. Healthy roots VS bad roots

    Old plants in gravel mix VS Young plants in 1x1 spagnum and perlite Mix. [emoji2][emoji2] Sendt fra min EVA-L09 med Tapatalk
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