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As someone new to growing carnivores (during this year I have gone from having 2 to about 30 Sarracenia), I have found that a lot of nurseries give pretty vague descriptions that make choosing plants less easy. Whilst there are usually great photos of the pitchers, there is often no more than a very general idea of the size of the plant and little or nothing on growth form and flowers. I would particularly like to know if a plant (in the year of purchase at least) is likely to have 2 pitchers or a large clump of pitchers of various sizes; the former would be good as part of a large collection but the latter would be far better as a single specimen or houseplant. Likewise, the ease of flowering, colour and smell may be important if you only have a couple of specimens. Indeed I think some sales may be lost because of this; for example some rubra-group clones have rather unexciting pitchers when seen individually, but form an attractive and vigorous clump with lovely flowers. I would like to see not just the photo of a pitcher, but also one of a typical plant (maybe in mid summer of year of purchase) and flower, along with mention of the typical height and vigour of the plant. If pitchers change colour or size through the season, that would also be useful; I had a couple where the early pitchers are rather dull and I was initially quite disappointed, and only later did attractive ones appear. This is not just an issue with CP nurseries; I have found people selling orchids and unusual vegetables do the same.

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