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Droscera Madgascarencis Light requirements.

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Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some lighting advice for Droscera Madgascarencis. 


I have a new arrival one, it's only a few inches tall. And I was curious how fast will it grow. And what it's light requirements are. 


I aim to put in a Parsons Chameleons Viv, so the lights will be pretty far away if I plant it in the floor (which was the plan, as it seems the most natural).


So the current lighting plan, is about 55k lumens at cage top. 2 T5s (need them for UVB) and 400 real watts of LEDs (though it won't all be full blast at once) 


There will be a sunrise, sunset fade of color and intesinty. During the brightest 4-6 hours of the day, I'll be pushing like 35-40k lumens. So from the calculators I have seen, without having it setup yet, looking at around 250-350 Par at the dirt during the brightest time of the day. 


I was hoping to find a already 1ft tall Droscera that would help lol, no such luck, and I don't know how long it takes to get that long. 


Do you guys think it will survive in that situation? Does it need to be taller (by the way, there's like 45 inches lights to dirt). Does it grow on trees in the wild? If I used like a seed planter I could raise it higher, though it wouldn't get as much food. There will be springtails in the soil, so it will get endless food if planted in the dirt. 


The humidity will match that of Andisibe (days between 30-60% sometimes higher, nights at 100%), there will be multiple long mistings every day, temps close to Andisibe, all of the other plants and the chameleon are native to Andisibe like the Sundew. 

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Madagascariensis doesn’t grow that tall, perhaps 6 inches. It’s a suck it and see situation as they are in my opinion best in full sun in a greenhouse, but start where you planned and if it starts to look pale and leggy, then move it closer. Remember, these plants are adapted to high light levels.


Nigel HC

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