Drosera ID help needed.

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Hi, can anyone help ID these 2 plants? I only have D. capensis and binata but they look like neither of them so I think they came from the peat I used earlier this year to re-pot. I'm guessing D. rotundifolia perhaps? Thanks for all your help :)



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I've just compared them with my tiny Drosera rotundifolia seedlings but the leaves on yours don't look as rounded. I wonder if they are D. anglica seedlings? my seedlings are the same size with leaves more oval andthey haven't yet really developed themuch longer stems yet. They look a lot like yours but I'm assuming the seeds I got from the CPS are correct and they sphagnum I've grown them on wasn't contaminated with other seeds.  The other possibility is D.intermedia? It might be worth searching the forum to see if anyone has put up seedling photo's of all three. Maybe we could do with a freebie seedling before and after ID section :-). I find the freebies as exciting as the bought ones, sort of "Lucky Dip"  Good luck with them.

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