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Hi everyone, this is not one of my plants but I wish it was. I found this image on Pinterest but it did not say what it is in the caption. Could somebody let me know what it is and a bit about it. Is it tuberous, temperate or tropical.

thank you.


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Hi Tracy, yes it is a lovely sundew. Wish I could grow one of those but tuberous sundews are a no go for me at this stage. I can only keep what will grow on a windowsill or outside. Maybe I’ll get a terrarium or grow lights at some stage in the future.

Thanks for the info tuberousdrosera. It could be Stolonifera. Initially I thought it was a flat plant growing close to the ground but looking at the pic now it does look like the branches are turned up. Not sure about the central flower stall, maybe Ramulosa?

I found another pic from a 2014 post by Lucien01700. Hope Lucien does not mind me reposting, he has some fantastic plants.


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