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Just a word of warning folks...

I am a gardener by trade, and recently bought a newer second hand van from a Dealer.

You have a lot more protection if your are a 100% private consumer buying for private use, but there are areas of possible exemption when you are buying for (or primarily for) your business.

In the Terms and Conditions on the invoice the Dealer may state exemptions from certain Sales Acts, and this is apparently (unbelievably) allowed in law. I, embarrassingly, did not check this. I just trusted this guy that everything was good. And the Terms and Conditions on the invoice were only a short passage of writing, which I could easily have read. (Not surprisingly, as you will see, he also did not point them out to me).

It turns out this van came with a host of issues, and the MOT he produced for me was not even valid, the vehicle was officially unroadworthy. I am now seeking a full refund on it, plus consequential losses.

 The bottom line here is, if you buy a vehicle from certain high-end Dealers you may be safe, but, even if you think the person you are buying from seems trustworthy, read the terms and conditions, and get the vehicle checked independently by a trusted mechanic, it could save you a world of bother or expense. I know for example that the RAC do this.


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